Have You or Has Anyone Else You Know Been Paid By PiggyBankGPT.com Lately (after earning a withdrawal)?

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It has been oh such a very long time since the good times I’m remembering concerning PiggyBankGPT.com (before it was sold to its present owner)  The site used to pay like clockwork and one never needed to worry about receiving their prizes or their withdrawal currency.

I’m writing this post out of personal curiosity and to to ‘test the water’ to see if it may be safe to start promoting the site in good conscience again (the site was sold by extremely caring and trustworthy prior admins (‘Gina’, etc.) to a person of whom I did not recognize.

We quickly got a feel for how the new admin operates by noting plenty of complaints in and out of the site’s shoutbox about not getting paid early on.

I’m posting this just to ask those who have or have not received due payment from PiggyBankGPT.com in the last month to either comment below or send me an email to admin@mrgpt.com (or click on the banner below to send me an email) please.

I would ask people in the shoutbox there but the new admin banned me from chat for asking too many pointed questions there (Argh!)

No, I’m not ‘out to get’ the admin of PiggyBankGPT.com only I just want to know whether or not I should be promoting PiggyBankGPT.com again (because they are paying members as expected again) or should I avoid the site altogether.

Any reports positive or negative about PiggyBankGPT.com are appreciated for me to sort this out.

Is PiggyBankGPT.com Paying?  ...or Not?  Tell Us!

New Featured GPT Site & Affiliate Network Admins as Guest Blog Post Authors Here!

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Yes, I’ve invited only the top GPT site and CPA network administrators to serve as guest authors here and I have to say that to date then the response has been overwhelming and three (3) such guest author posts have been published here!

Those admins that would like to stay on as part of the crew get their own MrGPT blog account and the go ahead to blog to their heart’s desire concerning their own sites (GPT & network)

William Clements

Initially, thank you to William Clements for his initial posts concerning the three (3) sites he serves as administrator on – that would be one (1) GPT Site (PeoplesGPT) and two (2) CPA Affiliate Networks.

The Get Paid To site is a favorite of mine named Peoples GPT and his article describing it in detail appears here:

Click Here to Join Peoples GPT !

If you’re looking for William’s complete write up on his Peoples GPT site then that can be found here.  If you’re looking for all of his posts simply take a look at his Author Archive here: http://www.mrgpt.com/author/william-clements/

If you are a Get Paid To (GPT) site admin yourself then please feel free to take a look at his GPTTweaks.com – GPT Script Improvements site “Providing powerful unique script modifications for GPT site and network platform scripts. You’ll also find articles and advice here on various topics of interest concerning general Get Paid To site and CPA affiliate network administration.” GPTTweaks

About RevenueHut.com

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[NOTE: CPA & Affiliate Networks Such as ‘RevenueHut’ are Where GPT Sites, etc. Get CPA Offers to Promote.  Networks Such as These Are NOT Intended for the General Public]


RevenueHut.com is an affiliate marketing and advertising company specializing in Cost per Action, Cost per Click and Cost per Lead campaigns. We develop and implement Internet marketing campaigns designed to get you the best results for your money. RevenueHut’s experience comes from working with some of the biggest and most successful companies on the internet.

Our superior customer service levels have set the benchmark for affiliate marketing. Our goal is to set ourselves apart from industry standards. We are extremely confident we will earn your business, loyalty, and trust. It is not simply our goal to establish a business relationship, but to maintain and grow a long lasting business venture with your best interest always at the forefront.

RevenueHut provides a powerful affiliate platform for its qualified publishers. Our publishers will benefit from the industries highest payouts, top converting offers, largest selection of campaigns. Our dedicated affiliate managers will help you succeed in all of your Marketing endeavors.

Company Logo:


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Company Contact:

Email: william@RevenueHut.com
By: William Clements (Affiliate Manager)

About Affiliates Media

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[NOTE: CPA & Affiliate Networks Such as ‘Affiliates Media’ are Where GPT Sites, etc. Get CPA Offers to Promote.  Networks Such as These Are NOT Intended for the General Public]


AffiliatesMedia is a global Performance Marketing Network that provides content locking and monetization solutions for online publishers interested in maximizing their traffic’s earnings.

» Powerful Tracking Platforms (One incent & one non-incent)
» Exclusive Publisher Tools
» High Payouts
» 5% Referral Commissions
Join our community of happy publishers!

What is CPA Network?

We are an online advertising agency, where our advertisers pay YOU for each specified action. For example, an impression, a click, a form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.), double opt-in or sale. For each lead you bring us via your traffic, we will pay you.

Why CPA Network ?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support. We work diligently and around the clock to help you maximize your revenue and profits. We have some of the top performing, highest paying offers in the industry. We provide traffic and monetization solutions for any country and any device.

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Affiliates Media

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Company Contact:

Germantown, MD 20874

Phone: 240-449-4462
Email: admin@affiliatesmedia.com
By: William Clements

About Peoples GPT

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We are a ( Get Paid To) GPT Site that pays daily via PayPal after you are a member for at least 4 days & you reach the min. of $1=100 points. People from all countries are welcome. Also, earn from referring new members. You will earn 5% of their earnings and 5% of their purchases. Check us out at http://peoplesgpt.com.

Ways To Earn

  • Completing Site Offers/Offer Walls. These types of offers with the exception of a few Offer Walls are Paid To Signup (PTS) offers. Typically this is lead based.
  • Completing Paid To Click (PTC)/Cost Per Click (CPC)/Daily Click offers. This involves clicking on the banners/links and then waiting for the timer to count down & verifying this is not by proxy by choosing correct picture shown. It is easy and guaranteed to get credit but it is usually a lot less than PTS offers & offers there are from members who paid for the traffic via PayPal or internal funds.
  • We have a daily jackpot which is attached to all offers except for CPCs/Daily Clicks. Completed those offers that have a jackpot entries and you are automatically entered into the daily jackpot. The amount of points you get is determined by entry amount. Each entrance is worth $0.01=1 Point. Every offer worth $0.50 = 50 points will have an extra entree & for each $0.50 = 50 points will give another entree. The system will automatically choose a winner of the jackpot. Although the more entries the higher chance of winning, it is not guaranteed.
  • Promotional Codes are given out via E-mail & inbox on our site. You would have had to complete an offer that has a jackpot entrance with it & must have been done within 24 hours from the time you redeem them. They also have a limit amount of members who can redeem & expire at some point if not used fully. Usually, it is just a little extra incentive that pays in points/cash and adds a little bonus to your account.
  • You can earn a steady stream of money to cash out if you are able to refer active members using your referral link & promotional Banners we have within your account. You can also refer new members via email by filling out the form in your account with their name & email address.
  • Last, by not Least, you can participate in the Offer Contest by completing them most offers or within the top 3 & Referral Contest by referring the most or be within the top three referrers. The stats are updated in real-time & you can see the amount of money/points given for each prize level. Both contests are the same on a monthly basis from midnight EST on the 1st of each month & ends the last day of each month at 11:59 PM EST.

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Peoples GPT

Company URL:


Company Contact:

E-mail Us

By: William Clements