Wesley B. / MrGPT / FreeCashProHello, and welcome to my MrGPT™ site, one of only a handful of well established, organized, and popular free online information sites covering the exciting topic of how and where to earn free cash online simply and legitimately.

My name is Wesley B. and I go by ‘FreeCashPro’ and I’m also ‘MrGPT’ here.  I’ve been into Get Paid To sites for about a decade now and I’ve also served in various positions within the GPT site (administration & script coding, etc.) and affiliate network worlds so you can consider me a GPT site ‘insider’  Over the years I have picked up all types of tips and tricks (advice) and within the pages and posts of MrGPT.com I’ll be attempting to help those who might listen.

First piece of advice, never pay for information or lists of sites where you can earn online when sites like these are happy to provide much better information on the topic entirely for free!  MrGPT™ has been the go-to trusted site for free information on Get Paid To (GPT) sites for several years now and we’re always happy to help.

MrGPT™ has continually changed with the times as our market segment on the topic has evolved and grown exponentially over time.  Our old popular online discussion forum has been replaced in favor of our new even more popular Facebook based public discussion group entitled ‘Earn Free Cash Online Simply & Legitimately’.  The group has over 1000 happy and active members nowadays and it’s one of the most popular groups on the subject of GPT sites, etc.  Not only is the group a great place to discover new online earning opportunities but also note that posting your referral links to free online earning sites and opportunities are allowed and even encouraged!

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Also on our Earn Online Resources page you’ll find a complete list of online money top site lists.  Both those top site lists we’re directly connected with and also others that we’re recommending though they’re not resources we’ve authored.

Would You Like to Get Started Earning Right Now?  For The Benefit Of Those Seeking to Get a Quick Start By Just Diving Right Into Earning Free Money Right Now Then Here Are The Cream of The Crop Sites to Do Just That!  Yes, All of These Sites are Totally Free to Join and Earn While Also Providing The Very Best Earning Environment So That You Can Make The Maximum Amount of Money in The Smallest Amount of Time and Effort On Your Part.


PocketMoneyGPT is a Free to Join & Earn Get Paid To (GPT) Site That is Also Simple, Quick, and Painless to Get Paid At!  The Site is Based in the U.S. But Serves Most All Civilized Countries of the World with a Smile.  PocketMoneyGPT is a Fun and Friendly Place to Be At As The Crowd of Mostly ‘Regulars’ There Are In a Great Mood Once They Have Arrived I’d Speculate Because They’ve Learned Over Time How Simple it Is To Be a Productive and Successful Member of The Site Earning ‘and Over Fist’ Anytime They Choose to ‘Step on the Gas’ (so to speak) Towards a Smooth and Extremely Productive Earning Session.  This All Makes for a Fun, Friendly, and Helpful Crowd in Their Online Chat ‘Shoutbox’. 

PocketMoneyGPT Sports Over Twenty (20) Of The Offer Walls That Count So I’d Venture to Say That It Would Be Extremely Rare For Anyone to Run Out of Earning Opportunities Here.  In additions to the Offer Walls There Is Also The Rather Large ‘In House’ Selection of Mostly Free High Paying and Consistently Quick Crediting Offers (yes, PocketMoneyGPT is What I’d Call ‘Dialed In’ When it Comes to Offers Crediting Smoothly)

In Addition to All That (above) Then There Are Also the Regular Competitive Contests (both Offer & Referral types), Jackpots, and The Much More Than Average Generosity of  the Admin & Staff in the Form of ‘Promo Codes’ to Enter Which Yield You FREE Money (anywhere for a penny on up to around 30 cents on average) Given Out Freely Throughout The Day and Evening and All You Need to Do to Benefit Might Be to Simply Pay Attention!

Getting Paid:  PocketMoney GPT Pays You Daily to PayPal with a Low One-Dollar ($1.00) Minimum to Reach Before You Can Request a Withdrawal.  Yes, 24 Hours (‘Daily’) is the Most Time You Will Spend ‘Officially ‘ (worst case scenario) Awaiting Your Payment to Get Fulfilled and Actually Get Sent But The Good News is That I’ve Rarely (if ever) Have Seen Anyone Wait So Long and I Would Say that I’ve Received Payment Much Much Quicker (an hour maximum wait time) As When The Admin is Online (which is almost always) Then She’ll Usually Oblige You By Taking Care of Your Eagerly Awaited Withdrawals Within Minutes (Though Please Understand That This is No Promise – Only an Observation On My Part)

There You Go!  Simply Get Started By Completing The Simple Registration, Verify Your Email Address (as instructed), and Then You are Ready to Start Earning Immediately!

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I can anticipate that a number of you came here to MrGPT seeking quick but effective advice on what specific sites I would recommend that you join.  For those people I’ll provide my best few GPT site recommendations below along with a description including why I recommended the particular site.  That way, I’m giving you a jump off point to get excited about immediately and then you can come back at your leisure to really take a good look around my site.

For those yet unfamiliar or with limited knowledge on the subject of earning free cash online simply then I’ll start slowly as such (below):

Q. What Do You Mean By Saying That I Can ‘Earn Free’ online?  If I’m ‘Earning’ Then How Can You Call it ‘Free’?

A. Yes, I Do See That Point and I’d Explain The Seeming Contradiction As Such:  I’ll Have to Admit That I ‘Designed’ That Phrase as a ‘Catch’ Phrase to Capture One’s Attention Though It’s Not At All Entirely Inaccurate.   By the Word ‘Free’ In This Context I’m Simply Meaning That If The Sites Are All Totally Free to Join While Also Being Free to Earn (you’ll Never Need to Spend a Dime At These Sites In Order to Start and Continue Earning Indefinitely Into the Future!

You See – Some Sites That You May Encounter on the Internet Start Off Requiring You to Pay Some Fee in Order to Get Started Earning – I will Never Recommend Any of Those Types of Sites to You Here as Once You Get Started on Most of Those Types of Sites The Once You Get Past Paying Them for Access (or Whatever They Call the Reason for You Having to Pay Them) Then My Experience Has Been That You’ll Usually Be Approaching a Dead End Quickly While Finding Out That The Whole Reason for That Site’s Existence is for the Webmaster / Admin of That Site to Earn Money from People Like YOU and Once That is Accomplished Then It’s Quickly Apparent That They Didn’t Care Enough (Once They Have Your Money in Their Own Greedy Scamming Hands) to Follow Through For You – and That’s All That’s To It (Quite Bogus of Them in My Book!)  You Will NEVER See Me Recommending ANY Sites That Employ This Type of Dishonest Thievery!  ALL The Sites I’ll Recommend You are Always Totally FREE to Join and Totally FREE to Start and Continue Earning! (The Best Type of Sites!)

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