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Welcome to the Long Awaited Grand Reopening of the Single Best, Most Complete, & Authoritative FREE Guide to Earning Money Online for FREE – Ever !

Yes, MrGPT.com is Back for Good ! 



Yes, in the last years before the sudden unexpected loss (to me and I’m sure others who love the site and forum) of the site I (the new owner of MrGPT.com) acted as a co-admin of the site in the process of diligently striving daily to expand and improve the site!  I have had my sights set on regaining control over MrGPT ever since that jaw-dropping day.

Now that I’m back in both the new domain owner and sole admin positions here I finally have the opportunity to bring MrGPT up to and well beyond its former potential.

Currently I’m in the process of restoring (while updating) all of the previous MrGPT content while also expanding upon and improving the quality standards herein.

I also have secured exclusive expressed permission from the last copyright holder(s) of several other work-at-home and GPT site related sites that had also gone away before their time – look forward to lost though important / informative post articles reproduced here with proper permission already secured (saved) from other important sites from that era such as GPTBoycott.com, TopGPTSites.com, and GetPaidForum.com.

Once our information base is relatively full and complete with the internet’s most comprehensive information on GPT site related subjects then I, also an award winning published author – will become much more active authoring more uniquely helpful high quality on-topic articles of interest.

trust_meYes, please feel free to look over my shoulder so to speak at me recreating all of the important former MrGPT content while almost immediately blasting the site off into MrGPT version 2.0 in which…

I intend to take this site stratospheric !

Thank You Very Much,
Most Sincerely,

Wesley B.
AKA “FreeeCashPro15 (6)

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