The Seven (7) Exceptional International
Get Paid To (GPT) Sites From 
Barnaby Media, Inc.!

I believe this network of GPT sites has got to hold the record for the largest concentration of genuine ShiftCode (web script) based sites owned by one entity that the world has ever seen!  In addition to those great sites then Barnaby Media, Inc. also owns a large media network!

Without further adieu here are the first mentions here on the GPT sites in the order of my own personal preference:

  • CoasterCash GPT
    CoasterCash GPT Site

    CoasterCash GPT is totally international and a long-term (established in 2007) popular favorite with GPT site fans – 
    Both beginners and power users alike!  CoasterCash is packed with features and has NINE (9) offer walls! The site sports a fun roller coaster theme.  You’ll likely see me ‘MrGPT’ online here and don’t be too shy to say hi!

  • CashRocket GPT
    Cash Rocket GPT Site
    CashRocket International GPT is also a long-term popular favorite with GPT site fans!   You’ll likely see me ‘PlanB’ online here too! CashRocket appears to be most active of the seven GPTs though CosterCash is set to overtake the top shortly now. CashRocket GPT has 13 offer walls and counting!

  • ShareCash GPT
    Share Cash GPT Site

    ShareCash GPT is a hit internationally and grew up on its own before it was purchased to become part of the Barnaby Media, Inc. network of exceptional GPT sites! ShareCash GPT has an entirely different, hi-tech, and new theme and feeling when you enter.  You’ll find this site being much more detail oriented from the get-go.  You’ll likely see me ‘CHGO’ online here and don’t be too shy to say hi!

  • TikiTreasure GPT
    Tiki Treasure GPT Site

  • Mad Money GPT
    Mad Money GPT Site

  • AnythingFree4You
    Anything Free 4 You GPT Site

  • Prize Plank GPT
    Prize Plank GPT Site

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