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Expert Professional Tips for Promoting Referral Links On the Internet!

Friday, March 24th, 2017 | Referral Advice with 1 Comment

Refer Like a Boss ! 

  • Submit Referral Links Directly to Search Engines!  MIND BLOWER!  Wait, what!?! Yes, you may not have thought of this but when I thought of it many years ago then I took it a few steps further and actually tested my theory that search engine would accept referral links directly and eventually spit them out in their search results.  Yes, it turns out that it’s true!

    If you would like to see an example of Google listing my referral links in search results then simply take a look here:  Me As FreeCashPro  Me As RefWhale <– Notice My Referral Links !

    P.S.; Doing such searches like above on your referral competition’s usernames and those known to be great at referring is a great way for you to learn where and how others are referring to sites!  Try a little competitive reconnaissance searching (wink) 

    Take a look at those search results and notice how many times my own referral links are showing up in Google search results!  It doesn’t matter that we’re searching for them directly only that Google is providing them in their search results (and yes I have indeed seen other’s and my own referral links show up in Google and Bing search results as a result of other more common general searches!)  Wow!  …a mind blower – I know! 

    Though you’ll rarely notice search engines display referral links on a results page I’ve actually seen then do that exactly (they are pretty hard to notice unless you’re actually looking for them specifically) Ok, yes, it’s a longshot that you’ll actually be featured in many Google search results (kind of like lottery odds) but it’s free, only takes a moment, there’s not reason not to, and if it takes your referral links and you actually get listed in search results the you’re sure to make a killing on referral bonuses (yes, I’ve actually had this happen from time to time)

    Here are a few handy links to manual search engine submit pages to get you started – Google Single URL Manual Submit, Bing Single URL Manual Submit, ExactSeek, Entireweb Free Submission (service) and while you’re at it you might as well go to the Internet Archive WayBack Machine at and use the ‘Save Page Now’ link towards the bottom right to save your page/site to the Internet Archive.
    googlebingexactseekentireweb 1wayback

    • One Very Effective Advanced Technique Using Subdomains I use in addition to submitting my referral links directly in order to more ensure that my referral links are represented in search results is to take a domain name that I already own and create a separate subdomain (I.e.; for each of my referral links and have the subdomain (the whole thing) redirect to my referral link.  Then all I do after that is submit those subdomains to the search engines.

      If you are given the option while creating your subdomains of using link ‘cloaking’ (sometime called ‘enhanced link attribution’, and a bunch of other terms depending) then definitely take advantage of it.  That way you will be able to specify a ‘title’, ‘description’, and ‘keywords’ for each subdomain redirect.  You will find the settings for setting up separate subdomains on your domain registrar’s (GoDaddy, etc.) domain control panel.

      So, at the end of enabling this technique you should end up with a list of subdomains to promote directly to the search engines resembling the following (only with your own domain name and site names as subdirectory names) redirects to  redirects to

      …and so on and so forth.   

  • Build a Referral Site / Blog Using the FREE Web Site Framework Providers  Contrary to popular belief building a popular and successful web site nowadays doesn’t have to be complicated nor does it have to necessarily cost an money at all.  Yes, having your own domain name is great though know it’s not entirely necessary.  That also goes for purchasing web hosting – Yes, it’s nice but also unnecessary.  The popularity and success of a web site really has nothing at all to do with how much money you’ve spent or how accomplished a coder you are.  Web site popularity nowadays has much more to do with the quality of the content than any other factor!

    The modern FREE web site / blog framework providers out there today make it relatively easy to publish effective web site content without any money or web site coding skills at all to speak of.  As for web site popularity I would argue that publishing content on the free blogging framework providers connected to the most popular search engines is one of the best moves you can make as I’ve found out (after research) that the search providers tend to favor web sites hosted at their own blogging services and they tend to give them a little boost over other sites in the search results they provide!

    For example, blogs published on the FREE Google provided tend to do better in Google search results rank than if they were hosted on a less connected service such as Weebly (also free)  The same goes for the FREE Microsoft (Bing) provided – Bing appears to provide hosted blogs a substantial boost in search results rankings.

    blogger wordpressweeblytumblr

    These FREE blogging platforms have also made significant strides recently in allowing pretty much anyone that has written a letter or story in their life a relatively stress free experience in designing their own blog and publishing online.  Gone are the days of having to know code in order to publish to the web.

    Know that it’s not necessary to build an entire site in order to get noticed.  You can start simple with a page or two and promote those pages for a while and add content to your site / blog as the content comes to you.

    Another thing I shouldn’t neglect to mention is that in the case of and they both optionally have the capability of being set to host your content at your own domain name for FREE!

    I, myself, prefer to use because despite the interface being very simple then the platform has not forgotten us seasoned and skilled professional web developers and they’ve designed quite a good level of power user features into the developing experience so as to allow me to do pretty much anything with Blogger that I can accomplish with my expensive web hosting.

    For an excellent example of a based referral blog take a look at which is a site that’s operated by a good friend of mine – Shawn G.  Another good friend, William C. operates his site from Blogger as well.  As for my own based referral site examples take a look at,, and I’ve even recently reverted my flagship site to just for the sake of simplicity (with power)

    Once you are done with one sitting’s worth of content and you are ready to make your work known to the world then I highly recommend the Entireweb Free Web Submission service which with minimal effort and zero cost will submit your pages and/or site to multiple search providers (including the big two Google and Bing) in one simple action on your part.

  • Post to On Topic Facebook Groups  You’d be surprised at the number of Facebook groups that have popped up on the topic of earning money online lately.  I’ve found posting to these groups to be a very effective technique especially when I’m looking to bolster the number of my referrals in a very short time such as when a referral contest is ending and I’m in the ranks of winners and the numbers are very tight.


    There are a number of Facebook groups that I, myself, have started that have become pretty popular and I allow and encourage my group members to post their referral links in their posts.  Here is a list of the groups I’m connected with – feel free to join and post at will (though know that ALL promotional posts must be concerning totally FREE to Join and Earn programs): Earn Free Cash Online Simply & Legitimately (1000+ members), GPT Discussions (500+ members), – Get Paid To (GPT) Site Discussion Group (300+ members), Get Paid To [GPT] Sites FREE to Join & Earn!, Earn Rewards FREE Online, and Real and Scam Online Money Makers.

    Here are an additional few on topic Facebook groups deserving mention that I’m a member at: GPT referral sites, ALL HYIP, RevShare, PTC, and GPT (8600+ members), and Make Money Online (29,800+ members)   Here are a couple of Facebook group searches also to get you started: gpt sites  earn money online free

  • Submit Your Referral Links to On Topic Online Discussion Forums  This is more standard advice but I’m including it here so that it’s not forgotten (though posting to Facebook groups is much more popular and effective nowadays) Simply Google the topic followed by the word forums like this:  gpt forums (click that link to see Google search results) and go to each forum, register if you aren’t already a member, make sure to add your links (or linked banners if allowed) to your forum ‘signature’ by editing your account, read the forum’s posting rules, make sure the topic hasn’t been covered already, and post a descriptive article concerning the site you are promoting along with a linked (your referral link) banner to the site.

    Here are a few of the best on-topic forums that I’m aware of: eMoneySpace, MoneyMakerGroup, MoneyFanClub, and WarriorForum.  NOTE: There are a few forums out there that are up to no good with hacking type topics.  There are a few GPT sites and affiliate networks that will outright ban you for promoting their sites at these forums – think before you post! 

  • Create a Facebook Page for Promoting Your Referral Links  Creating a Facebook page (sometimes referred to as a Fan Page) is a simple and FREE proposition that can provide you with hugely effective results.  Simply log into Facebook and then go to the Create a Page link.  I’m not even going to attempt to provide instructions here as I feel the Facebook has already made the process really simple while also providing a bunch of help along the way.

    Facebook pages are really handy when it comes to posting to Facebook groups and other Facebook pages.  I’ve gotten so that I write my posts that I intend to promote on Facebook in one of my Facebook pages and I simply ‘share’ the post wherever I want it to appear.

    Here are a few of the pages I, myself, operate if you are looking for good on topic examples: GPT Sites, Earn Free PayPal Cash Online Simply and Legitimately, and Get Paid To – Free Online GPT Sites.

  • Promote Your Referral Links to FREE Bookmarking Services  Bookmarking services used to be much more popular than they are nowadays but that doesn’t mean that they should be avoided or ignored.  As an effective referrer then you should learn to use as many resources (especially the totally FREE resources) to get your referral links out there for search engine consumption as well as getting your referral links in front of as many human noses as you can!

    StumbleUpon - Discover the best of the web, one click at a time.deliciouspocketredditdigg
    For a very thorough list of social bookmark sites take a look at the list that Search Engine Journal puts out here.

    When you are finished (this session) adding your referral links then take the extra bit of time to submit your bookmarking site profiles to search engines and everywhere else you can think of (like Twitter and Facebook, etc.)