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7 Great International GPT Sites from Barnaby Media, Inc.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific, GPT Site Reviews with No Comments »

The Seven (7) Exceptional International
Get Paid To (GPT) Sites From 
Barnaby Media, Inc.!

I believe this network of GPT sites has got to hold the record for the largest concentration of genuine ShiftCode (web script) based sites owned by one entity that the world has ever seen!  In addition to those great sites then Barnaby Media, Inc. also owns a large media network!

Without further adieu here are the first mentions here on the GPT sites in the order of my own personal preference:

  • CoasterCash GPT
    CoasterCash GPT Site

    CoasterCash GPT is totally international and a long-term (established in 2007) popular favorite with GPT site fans – 
    Both beginners and power users alike!  CoasterCash is packed with features and has NINE (9) offer walls! The site sports a fun roller coaster theme.  You’ll likely see me ‘MrGPT’ online here and don’t be too shy to say hi!

  • CashRocket GPT
    Cash Rocket GPT Site
    CashRocket International GPT is also a long-term popular favorite with GPT site fans!   You’ll likely see me ‘PlanB’ online here too! CashRocket appears to be most active of the seven GPTs though CosterCash is set to overtake the top shortly now. CashRocket GPT has 13 offer walls and counting!

  • ShareCash GPT
    Share Cash GPT Site

    ShareCash GPT is a hit internationally and grew up on its own before it was purchased to become part of the Barnaby Media, Inc. network of exceptional GPT sites! ShareCash GPT has an entirely different, hi-tech, and new theme and feeling when you enter.  You’ll find this site being much more detail oriented from the get-go.  You’ll likely see me ‘CHGO’ online here and don’t be too shy to say hi!

  • TikiTreasure GPT
    Tiki Treasure GPT Site

  • Mad Money GPT
    Mad Money GPT Site

  • AnythingFree4You
    Anything Free 4 You GPT Site

  • Prize Plank GPT
    Prize Plank GPT Site

CoasterCash GPT Site News! Spectacular News for September!

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific with No Comments »

Yes, during the month of September 2017 we will be accomplishing awesome new features and unveiling definite new possibilities on CoasterCash GPT!  We have already begun brave new modifications!

  • More unique offer, wall, and referral contests allowing even more members to compete and seriously win!  We also will be looking into adding multiple site jackpots at the same time rather than just one jackpot.

  • ShoutBox Vanity Upgrades – New features such as custom & unique shoutbox vanity upgrade features that will allow the site member to author their new personal shoutbox title, install a custom shoutbox image (can be animated too!), and your own font and font color!  These shoutbox upgrades will be priced at about $2, will allow you to use ‘internal funds’ as a payment option where you can direct the appropriate amount directly out of your balance here into your upgrade purchase, and will last forever into this site’s future!

  • In addition to the added site features above we will be improving the site in many more subtle ways thereby making CoasterCash feel just that lttle extra bit more towards a more comfortable feel to CoasterCash and making the site feel a bit more tweaked and dialed in to your preferences.

  • To increase site popularity many fold we have hired a co-admin that also just so happens to have heavy experience in very effective professional web site promotion!
As each new improvement comes online we’ll be notifying all members of the new possibilities.
Thank You So Much for Being a Valued CoasterCash GPT Member !
Read more:

BankRollBucks Well Established GPT Site Featuring Same Day Low One Dollar Minimum Payments & Plenty of Concrete Reasons to Keep Coming Back!

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific, GPT Site Reviews with No Comments »

BankRollBucks INTL GPT Site with Same Day Payments!

BankRollBucks is an international [US/CA/UK/AU/FR/DE/NZ] Genuine ShiftCode Powered Get Paid To site that pays daily with a easily reachable low one-dollar ($1) minimum to earn before you may request a withdrawal via PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, check, & other popular payment types and reward forms.  All withdraw options can be requested as many times during the day as you want, as long as you reach the $1 minimum or fixed amount withdraws!

BankRollBucks GPT

$1 Minimum Same Day PayPal Payments!

If It’s Payment Proof You Want – No Problem! Simply Take A Look at the BankRollBucks Almost 800 Pages of Withdrawal Records!

Here are just a few of the notable site benefits and features that make it a most popular choice among site members in the know:

    ▪ New Free Paid Surveys & Generously Paying Offers Added Daily!
    ▪ 30+ Daily Surveys / International Survey Routers!
    ▪ More Than a Dozen of the Most Popular Offer Walls
(All the Walls That One Most Wants to See!)
    ▪ Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Promos!
    ▪ Top Level Referral Earnings Set at a Most Generous Almost Unheard of Twenty-Five Percent (25%)! 
    ▪ Serving Members from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, & New Zealand!

The site offers you a convenient no-hassle open access site currency converter which allows you to easily convert your account point balances to a cash balance and vice versa as per your desire.  At BankRollBucks, your account points are referred to as ‘Bank Rolls’.

I consider BankRollBucks an industry ‘anchor site’ mainly for the simple fact that the site is long established, popular, and well known as a concrete paying site that you can count on come hell or high water.  The site’s administrator ‘Jenn’ is a widely recognized pillar of the GPT site industry!

Current Promo

The One Best Kept Secret GPT Site That Pays You the Best For Offers! …and Pays Instant PayPal! What Site Is It and Why No One Ever Told You of It!

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific with No Comments »

Yes, there is indeed a secret Get Paid To (GPT) site out there that pays you much more than all the others for your survey and offer completions.  This particular site is long established and not only does it pay you the best but it also offers instant PayPal!

So, WHY would anyone not bother to tell you about this well kept secret site if it’s so great?  Why hasn’t anyone ever mentioned this site?  …simple, while most other GPT sites will pay a referral commission at or above 10% this site only pays 5% (though the site has a very good reason for paying so low for people to refer new members to the site)

The simple fact is that this GPT site is AWESOME if you enjoy responding to free paid surveys and offers but from a referral perspective the low 5% referral commission makes the site much less attractive to promote.

Ok, well it’s not really a ‘secret’ but it is indeed a site that doesn’t tend to get the promotion that it rightly deserves.

Running a GPT site is a delicate balancing act between competing goals.  If you’re truly paying your GPT site members the best for survey and offer completions of any other known GPT site still in business then there’s not much money left in your budget for other areas of the site such as contests, site promotion, and paying for referrals.

Without Further Delay Here’s the Site (the name says it all):

HighestPayGPT is a free to join, best, highest paying GPT program that offer highest rewards for completing free offers, paid surveys, and free trial offers.  You can cashout by instant paypal, check, or gift cards!

I’m not about playing games.  I’d rather my site (MrGPT) be known as a great information resource than a site that would hold back information from you simply because I won’t make as much than if I’d promote a lesser site (wink)

There You Go…  Now You Know…  Enjoy!

instaGC–A Simply Magnificent Creation of a Get Paid To Site!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific with No Comments »

instaGC International Get Paid To Now Paying Instant Paypal !

How does instaGC work?

To get free gift cards for your favorite stores, you need to collect points. There are virtually endless ways to earn on instaGC!

The current possible ways to earn points are watching videos, listening to an online radio, visiting sites, testing apps or games, shopping, filling out surveys, and completing general tasks. They are continuously adding new possible ways to earn as well.

Once you’ve completed these jobs, you will be rewarded with points that can be used towards your next gift card.

Did you know that instaGC now offers extra rewards for those who earn it by being an active member!  You can even earn the privilege of receiving INSTANT PayPal!

Some features are only shown to those members who are more active. Here is a current breakdown of some perks you would receive after being more active and earning more points:

At $5+ earned/redeemed:

-> Access to the donation area.
-> Access to create your own point booster codes.
-> Access to participate in Sweepstakes.
-> Access to participate in the weekly decimal pot.
-> Access to more surveys!

At $50+ redeemed:

-> Access to live member chat.
-> Access to PayPal reward option, featuring Instant Cash Outs!

Exclusive Booster Code (23 uses total):  Add the letters IGC- (in all caps) in front of this code in the purple oval below (no spaces)!  You can click on the code’s image to go directly to the page where you redeem codes!  So, you would enter IGC- and the code below (no spaces / noting the capitalization)  Enjoy!

exclusive booster code

RewardingWays – Get Paid To Work Online

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific with No Comments »

If you are interested in making money without spending ANY money then give me a minute of your time to explain my ‘bag’ (what I do for money every day) Hot smile

RewardingWays [ ]
This example is just ONE (1) of about fifty (50) FREE online earning sites that I know of!  ALL of the sites are totally FREE to join & earn from – no one will ever ask you for dime one!  Any/all sites that I will ever mention here are for you to get paid at – never for you to spend any money.

RewardingWays Get Paid To Work Online 
One of my top five favorite such sites is called RewardingWays [ ] and its a totally FREE to join and earn international ‘Get Paid To’ (GPT) type site!

You have nothing at all to lose because you aren’t spending anything except for a slight bit of time getting familiar with this extremely easy to use site.

At RewardingWays there are many FREE ways to earn PayPal cash quickly and easily including responding to real market research oriented free paid surveys, completing no-brainer advertising sponsor offers, visiting other web sites & giving your opinion about them, viewing ads, taking quizzes, receiving free products in the mail to review & keep, critiquing services you receive for free, comparing competitor specifications, prices, & the professionalism of company associates, ordering products & services on a free trial & often ‘keep’ basis, and visiting sponsor store locations & web sites & reporting back on conditions and associate professionalism!

You also may optionally earn by winning or placing in regular offer completion and referral total contests, daily jackpots, and occasional free money promo code giveaways!

Another way to earn a recurring passive income long term is to refer family, friends, and/or complete strangers to the site (referring others is completely optional)  At RewardingWays they will apply a 25% referral bonus to you for all of your referral’s earning activity at the site for life!  …and that bonus does not affect your referral’s earnings at all.

To refer a member then all you need to do (again optionally) is get them to click on the provided linked advertising banners and/or your own personal individually assigned referral link!  If you are so inclined then a very good way of gaining referrals would be to promote your referral link on social media sites, online discussion forums, or by creating your own free to build web site(s)

Nothing prevents you from actually earning $60+ in just a couple of hours here!  Do the above daily and then lather, rinse, and repeat tomorrow (lol) as I do.

RewardingWays GPT

If you remain skeptical after reading all of the above or are unconvinced that all of the above is indeed true then remember that this site is entirely FREE to join involving only a simple very short registration form with no hard questions and the site is extremely newbie friendly! You have nothing at all to lose and you are under no obligation at all by simply taking a good look around!

If you would like to see how many real withdrawals this one site processes each day (many each hour) then they actually make their member payroll of completed payments public at: !

I have been frequenting these sites several times daily for over a decade now and I can tell you that once you get the hang of it (the learning curve is simple and forgiving) then you’ll enjoy earning online for free every day just as much I do!   Also, this activity will become the most fun you’ve EVER had making real money legitimately!

RewardingWays [ ] GPT Site
Enjoy! Winking smile  Questions? Feel Free to Simply Ask Me Anything and I’m Happy to Help! Smile

OfferNation is an Ideal FREE to Join and Earn Get Paid To [GPT] Site with No Downside! Instant PayPal $1 Min for All!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific with 1 Comment

OfferNation Ideal International GPT Site!
Ideal FREE to Join & Earn Get Paid To (GPT) Site Pays INSTANT PayPal $1 Min to ALL – No Downside!

This admin also runs the very successful sister GPT sites and!


These GPT Sites are ALL Genuine ShiftCode Powered GPT Sites!