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Have You or Has Anyone Else You Know Been Paid By Lately (after earning a withdrawal)?

Saturday, August 27th, 2016 | Investigative Topics, Miscellaneous with No Comments »

It has been oh such a very long time since the good times I’m remembering concerning (before it was sold to its present owner)  The site used to pay like clockwork and one never needed to worry about receiving their prizes or their withdrawal currency.

I’m writing this post out of personal curiosity and to to ‘test the water’ to see if it may be safe to start promoting the site in good conscience again (the site was sold by extremely caring and trustworthy prior admins (‘Gina’, etc.) to a person of whom I did not recognize.

We quickly got a feel for how the new admin operates by noting plenty of complaints in and out of the site’s shoutbox about not getting paid early on.

I’m posting this just to ask those who have or have not received due payment from in the last month to either comment below or send me an email to (or click on the banner below to send me an email) please.

I would ask people in the shoutbox there but the new admin banned me from chat for asking too many pointed questions there (Argh!)

No, I’m not ‘out to get’ the admin of only I just want to know whether or not I should be promoting again (because they are paying members as expected again) or should I avoid the site altogether.

Any reports positive or negative about are appreciated for me to sort this out.

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