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7 Great International GPT Sites from Barnaby Media, Inc.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific, GPT Site Reviews with No Comments »

The Seven (7) Exceptional International
Get Paid To (GPT) Sites From 
Barnaby Media, Inc.!

I believe this network of GPT sites has got to hold the record for the largest concentration of genuine ShiftCode (web script) based sites owned by one entity that the world has ever seen!  In addition to those great sites then Barnaby Media, Inc. also owns a large media network!

Without further adieu here are the first mentions here on the GPT sites in the order of my own personal preference:

  • CoasterCash GPT
    CoasterCash GPT Site

    CoasterCash GPT is totally international and a long-term (established in 2007) popular favorite with GPT site fans – 
    Both beginners and power users alike!  CoasterCash is packed with features and has NINE (9) offer walls! The site sports a fun roller coaster theme.  You’ll likely see me ‘MrGPT’ online here and don’t be too shy to say hi!

  • CashRocket GPT
    Cash Rocket GPT Site
    CashRocket International GPT is also a long-term popular favorite with GPT site fans!   You’ll likely see me ‘PlanB’ online here too! CashRocket appears to be most active of the seven GPTs though CosterCash is set to overtake the top shortly now. CashRocket GPT has 13 offer walls and counting!

  • ShareCash GPT
    Share Cash GPT Site

    ShareCash GPT is a hit internationally and grew up on its own before it was purchased to become part of the Barnaby Media, Inc. network of exceptional GPT sites! ShareCash GPT has an entirely different, hi-tech, and new theme and feeling when you enter.  You’ll find this site being much more detail oriented from the get-go.  You’ll likely see me ‘CHGO’ online here and don’t be too shy to say hi!

  • TikiTreasure GPT
    Tiki Treasure GPT Site

  • Mad Money GPT
    Mad Money GPT Site

  • AnythingFree4You
    Anything Free 4 You GPT Site

  • Prize Plank GPT
    Prize Plank GPT Site

CoasterCash INTL GPT Site Free to Join & Earn $1 Min PayPal in 24Hrs or Less!

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | GPT Site Reviews with No Comments »

I’ve been informed by the admin that CoasterCash INTL GPT will be seeing some new and exciting positive changes over the next few weeks aiming to propel the popular site into a whole new category of Get Paid To sites!

Yes, CoasterCash GPT is already great online money making opportunity site.  After the changes then we’ll be enthusiastically talking about the site with words like ‘my new favorite’ and ‘perfect! CoasterCash is always totally free to join and earn at.

The site is sporting a very low $1 minimum PayPal which is paid within 24Hrs or less. CoasterCash features most all the offer walls that count and that are popular in todays earning environment including OfferToro, PTCWall,, Adscend Media, Dryverless Ads, MinuteStaff, HangMyAds, ClixWall, SuperRewards, RadiumOne, AdWorkMedia Engage, Say so For Good Direct Survey Wall, and CPALead. To proceed directly to the CoasterCash offer wall page then simply –click here-.

screnshot#3124 - 'Coaster Cash - Offerwalls page'

The site is  displaying several contest of various types presently:

  • A daily offer contest they have titled with the description ‘DAILY ! Earn 100 Tickets, Win 20 Cents!’ and further described as ‘Aug 20, 2017 12:00 AM  Unlimited places… as long as you keep earning you will keep getting the bonus! until the Promo ends. In order for offers to count they have to be worth over 1 ticket.’ This is recurring for members within the contest time period (win multiple)

  • There is also the ‘1 Week Contest!!’ which they further describe as ‘Aug 29, 2017 12:00 AM – Sep 5, 2017 11:59 PM  Now upgraded from only offer walls to all offers over 5 tickets count!!! yes ANY Offer,**NOTE*** DAILY SURVEYS now COUNT!  The 1st place prize is $6.00!

  • There is also the Daily Referral Contest named ‘Shake it up ref contest DAILY!’  described as ‘Aug 30, 2017 12:00 AM – Aug 30, 2017 11:59 PM   Referral must complete at least 25 tickets /cents worth of offers !!

CoasterCash also is one of the industry’s last GPT site that still has games such as this real and working Slot Machine and the 9 Card Draw games!

Well that’s about all I have for this morning though I’ll be continuing this article tomorrow!

Hook Up to One Wall on This Site and Earn 24/7 (about $24 Extra Per Month!) REAL MONEY FOR NOTHING! Just Do It!

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | GPT Site Reviews with No Comments »

FREE Cash for Basically Doing NOTHING!

(Read On Below!)

Yes, KissMyCash recently installed a new video wall called VideoLab where you can watch videos 24/7 while earning extra cash (about $24 extra a month)

It’s all automatic!  Just sign up / register and log in to KissMyCash and then head to the ‘PTC’ label on the top horizontal menu and click on VideoLab then set it and forget it!

I, myself, have found that it’s best on a PC if you have the pop-up VideoLab window in the foreground all the time (while I have it set up on my 2nd auxiliary PC)  Know that the wall also has mobile watching options! Also, I’ve been informed that one can really rake it in using multiple devices at the same time!

Get rewarded for watching each 14 minutes of videos. This is an unlimited offer that can run all day, 24/7!

The site admin is pretty excited about this new 24/7 earning feature on his site:

“I have one member who has earned (and been paid) $24 so far this month, just by letting videos play on his phone. Add $2.40 in bonuses and an almost guaranteed $3 win in the VideoLab contest, that’s a pretty good payout for doing basically….nothing. US only, but still, more of you should try this!”

If you are looking for the contest he speaks of then simply go here!
Warning: You must keep the popup window on top and viewable on your screen. This offer will continue automatically, as long as the offer remains fully viewable, you can discover and earn 24/7.

BankRollBucks Well Established GPT Site Featuring Same Day Low One Dollar Minimum Payments & Plenty of Concrete Reasons to Keep Coming Back!

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific, GPT Site Reviews with No Comments »

BankRollBucks INTL GPT Site with Same Day Payments!

BankRollBucks is an international [US/CA/UK/AU/FR/DE/NZ] Genuine ShiftCode Powered Get Paid To site that pays daily with a easily reachable low one-dollar ($1) minimum to earn before you may request a withdrawal via PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, check, & other popular payment types and reward forms.  All withdraw options can be requested as many times during the day as you want, as long as you reach the $1 minimum or fixed amount withdraws!

BankRollBucks GPT

$1 Minimum Same Day PayPal Payments!

If It’s Payment Proof You Want – No Problem! Simply Take A Look at the BankRollBucks Almost 800 Pages of Withdrawal Records!

Here are just a few of the notable site benefits and features that make it a most popular choice among site members in the know:

    ▪ New Free Paid Surveys & Generously Paying Offers Added Daily!
    ▪ 30+ Daily Surveys / International Survey Routers!
    ▪ More Than a Dozen of the Most Popular Offer Walls
(All the Walls That One Most Wants to See!)
    ▪ Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Promos!
    ▪ Top Level Referral Earnings Set at a Most Generous Almost Unheard of Twenty-Five Percent (25%)! 
    ▪ Serving Members from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, & New Zealand!

The site offers you a convenient no-hassle open access site currency converter which allows you to easily convert your account point balances to a cash balance and vice versa as per your desire.  At BankRollBucks, your account points are referred to as ‘Bank Rolls’.

I consider BankRollBucks an industry ‘anchor site’ mainly for the simple fact that the site is long established, popular, and well known as a concrete paying site that you can count on come hell or high water.  The site’s administrator ‘Jenn’ is a widely recognized pillar of the GPT site industry!

Current Promo

GrindaBuck GPT Comes Highly Recommended!

Friday, March 10th, 2017 | GPT Site Reviews with No Comments »

GrindaBuck GPT

GrindaBuck is a GPT (Get Paid To) site like no other.  Their custom proprietary script is feature packed and powerful!

The site is totally free to join and earn and sports tons of offers to choose from, a variety of ways to get paid, lots of contests and fun plus a great community all work together to set GrindaBuck ahead of the rest!

Just a few examples of the popular offers found on GrindaBuck include insurance branches, coupons, Lifescript email submits, free trials, and free paid surveys. In addition to the generous selection of offer opportunities posted on the site itself the site also features a massive selection of 16 popular offer walls assuring you that there is always something to do!

Admins, moderators, and most all members are friendly and helpful to each other in the site’s ‘Task Ticker’ chat feature when it comes to newbie issues or when you’re just needing advice on how to complete offers properly.

GrindaBuck offers Bitcoin, Instant PayPal and Instant Gift Cards as just some of the ways to get paid.

Convert Your Online Activity Into Gift Cards and More!

The site is well established and popular!  Don’t take my word for it…  Come on over and see for yourself how great earning can be on GrindaBuck!  See you there!

Original Review Article
Graciously Authored
& Submitted By,
Tracy R.

Article Editing &
Minor Information
Co-Author Additions By,
MrGPT’ Admin (Wesley B.)


Here’s a bit more information quoted from their New Member FAQs:

1) What is GrindaBuck?

GrindaBuck is an online rewards club that allows you to earn real rewards by completing simple tasks, taking surveys, completing offers, shopping, participating in contests, trying out products, watching videos, listening to music and much more!.

The GrindaBuck rewards platform pays out in GrindaBucks, our virtual rewards currency, for each activity you complete. Once you accumulate enough GrindaBucks you can exchange them in the rewards store for various Gift Cards and Bitcoin.

You can join and start earning completely free. We will even start you off with your first 100 GrindaBucks for creating your account. (Min. $10 cash out)

2) Can I really earn Free Gift Cards and other stuff?

Yes! Advertisers and market researchers are always looking for new people to try their products or services and they are willing to pay for it. As a member of GrindaBuck you will be able to earn the extra rewards that advertisers pay for new customers or opinions. You can also earn a nice passive income by showing others how to earn. We pay 10% of all points your referrals earn.

3) Does it cost anything to join GrindaBuck?

Absolutely not! GrindaBuck is 100% Free to join. Signing up is easy and you can even sign in with one click using your Facebook account.

4) When do I get the Gift Cards or Bitcoin?

New members can redeem their GrindaBucks when they reach a minimum of 1000 GrindaBucks earned. As you move up the ladder in our VIP program you can reduce that minimum cash out amount to just $1. Our official time-frame for delivering rewards is no greater than 12 hours. However, it usually takes only an hour or less for you to receive your Gift Card or Bitcoin Reward. We are always more than happy to process reward redemptions asap if we are online. Just ask for an admin in the chat box and if we are online we will process for you asap.


Looking for Reliable Get Paid To Sites Paying INSTANT PayPal and INSTANT Gift Cards? Fasten Your Seat Belt & Say Hello to Your New Favorite GPT Sites!

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 | GPT Site Reviews, Miscellaneous with No Comments »

Yes, in todays fast paced online earning environment sometimes it just comes down to how fast your hard earned money can be placed in your own grubby hands!  …and Yes, there are other considerations like reliability, a reasonable minimum cash out figure, and what percentage of profit you’re getting rewarded with for offer completions at a particular Get Paid To site but again we’re happy to report that the GPT sites we recommend below all also score high in these departments as well!

All the International Sites Listed Below Do Indeed Offer INSTANT PayPal (One Dollar ($1) Minimum Cash Out) for Withdrawals and are Very Generous with Offer Payout Reward Levels (in a Higher Echelon Reward Percentage Amount)


instaGC International GPT (Below) is Also Totally FREE to Join and Earn Till Your Heart’s Content!

instaGC International GPT site offers INSTANT Name Brand eGift Cards Delivered electronically INSTANTLY – Even for eGift Cards Worth as Little as One Dollar ($1)!  These eGift Cards are Redeemable Without Hassle Online or In The Store!  instaGC Also Offers INSTANT PayPal with One Dollar ($1) Minimum Cash Out for Those instaGC Site Members in Good Standing That Have Previously Earned at Least Fifty Dollars ($50) on instaGC!

Without Further Adieu Allow Me to Introduce You to What Will Likely Become Your New Favorite Earn Online Reward Sites!

GPT Site Thumbnail Image

www. SuperPAY .me
GPT Site Thumbnail Imagewww. RewardingWays .com

GPT Site Thumbnail Image▪ www. OfferNation .com
GPT Site Thumbnail Image www. instaGC .com

Each site in each site group features ‘all of the offer walls that count’ while they also have a very well stocked and a rather large up-to-date collection of in-house on-site listed offers.  Way below (at the end of the post) is the list of the offer walls featured on the sites at the time of this report though be aware that they are constantly busting out walls (so to speak) and improving options continuously and they add new offer walls as they become available! , RewardingWays , OfferNation , and instaGC are all international GPT site heavyweights that are always entirely free to join and earn (they’ll never ask you for a dime!) , RewardingWays , and OfferNation   are part of the 99 Ventures Ltd clan of  popular no-nonsense Get Paid To sites with an admin and staff that are truly on-the-ball. instaGC is part of Day Online Solutions, LLC which has and continues to be a unique and positive force in both the affiliate network and Get Paid To site industries.

Pocket Money GPT – They’re Having a Blast While Earning FREE PayPal Cash! The Way it Should Be!

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific, GPT Site Reviews with 2 Comments

Pocket Money GPT is One of a Handful of Truly Fun Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Still Out There! It Seems That Every Time I Peek Into That Site to Check on My Referral Earnings They Appear to Be Having Such a Great Time in the Shoutbox That It Makes Me Want to Stick Around (and Sometimes I do!)  Could It Just Be That Making All That FREE Money Puts a Smile On Almost Anyone’s Face (I Know it Does Mine!)

PocketMoney GPT
GPT Site Thumbnail Image

Ok, Getting Past Appearances, PocketMoney GPT is a Little Gold Mine of a GPT Site! You Join For Free, Earn for Free, Withdraw Your Earnings to PayPal (for Free), Get Your Prompt Payment, Lather, Rinse Repeat!  We’re Talking Free Paid Surveys and Offers Here! It’s All Just So Simple and You Get Rewarded Big Time Here at This GPT Site (When They Say ‘Highest Paid Surveys On Their Banners They Really Mean It!)

When You’re Registering with PocketMoneyGPT Then Tell Them That FreeCashPro Sent You!  I Hope to See You There! I’m Going Back Now for Another $20 (in Like Half-An-Hour!) That Means On Average I’m Making $40 an Hour Sitting Here at Home! PocketMoney GPT is an Excellent Choice in GPT Sites !