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Notable Informative Site Links for Todays Get Paid To (GPT) Site Scene

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 | Other Suggested Information & Referral Sites with No Comments »

Earn Online / Get Paid To Related Top Site Lists
[Sorted by Quality / Recommendation Level]

Earn.GoTop100 Top Site List [ ] The single best most active and popular earn online / GPT related top site list we know of.  This top site list is an excellent place to keep abreast of the GPT site scene and the popular rating and rank of the top GPT sites.  Discover hot up and coming GPT sites here and find your new favorite GPT site(s) here!  This top site list is well kept current and relevant by a list admin that is truly on the ball!

GPTAds Top Site List [ ] This top site list is actually a unique hybrid combination between a standard top site list and a GPT information / referral site.  The admin [a decade plus GPT site industry veteran insider] uses a state of the art top site list script as a platform for presenting his informed opinion on the best Get Paid To sites the web has to offer [pure genius]  The site is meticulously maintained and lovingly updated.

Free Cash Online Top Site List [ ] Just as the name implies this top site list is a top site list serving as an excellent free source of information on the top earn online / GPT type sites sorted by rank while also offering basic information and member generated site ratings and reviews.  If a GPT site is listed in the top half of this list then you can pretty much rely on the fact that the site has ‘arrived’ on the scene of the most popular and lucrative GPT sites on the web. 

Free Get Paid To Cash Online Top Site List [ ]  This top site list is one of the oldest such sites concerning GPT sites.  The size of the list is huge and most all of the sites listed still exist though over the years the list provider (service) behind it has turned it into it’s own online cash cow charging for such things as updating listing information and such.  The result of these new owner policies has basically torn the guts out of a formerly balanced system of honest information flow.  The reason this list is mentioned here and now is that the list still contains a vast bulk listing of all types of GPT sites – sites one may find hard to come across any other way from other sources.  Basically, this list / site is for those adventurous souls who would like to take time to discover new earn online sites old and new (though I would take each site’s rank on this list as not so reliable anymore – the new list platform owner has in-effect turned lists based off his platform into a pay-to-play service where sites who like to pay for more optional services usually end up creeping up the list) – Learn How to Make PayPal Cash Online Simply and FREE!

Saturday, September 24th, 2016 | Other Suggested Information & Referral Sites with No Comments » – a free easy to understand blog devoted solely to explaining the nuances of and the best legitimate and totally free to join and earn sites to visit and earn a significant extra income online in your spare time performing simple tasks such as visiting other web sites, reviewing advertisements, responding to free paid surveys, and optionally referring others (and earning from the work they do) is a sister site of MrGPT that highlights GPT site topics from an alternate point of view.

Again ALL of the sites listed on are totally free to join and earn – they will never ask you for a single dime and no investment is ever required or requested.

You have nothing at all to lose – please do take the bit of time it takes to review this carefully prepared informative no BS site – I guarantee you will not regret the little bit of time it takes to browse the site and gain a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

I’ve been participating in this ‘make money online for free’ niche for over a decade now and my blog will serve as a nice primer for the newbie while also containing one-of-a-kind insider tips and tricks found nowhere else for those industry power user members.

All I speak of has nothing to do with pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing (MLM), so called ‘cash gifting’ scams, or the like.  My blog shows you (for free) all the best ways and places to earn significant money online without spending any money – it’s that simple!

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Have You Yet Discovered the Relatively New ShiftCode Based Resources Out There? An Official Discussion Forum–An Affiliate Program Open for Free to the Public?

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Yes, our friends at ShiftCode (the GPT site script people) have been hard at work further expanding their online resources not only to GPT site admins and staff but now extending to general public GPT members at large!

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The Official ShiftCode Online Discussion Forum

If you have a favorite Get Paid To (GPT) site or two (or a few more) then feel free to visit this new forum resource and register for free!  We’d love to read your shared posts about the great GPTs you have in mind.  There is even a new Members Corner which contains General Discussion, Recommended GPT / PTC Sites, GPT / PTC Complaints, and Network Complaints sections!  Also, a reasonably up-to-date and complete Genuine ShiftCode Powered GPT Sites Master List is also featured there!

On the other hand, if you have progressed to the point in which you yourself would like to try your hand at owning your own lucrative genuine ShiftCode GPT site then there is information about script licensing and hosting located in the forum and in the actual ShiftCode Client Portal.

If instead you’re a blogger, webmaster, or other type of online promoter then you may be interested in the ShiftCode Affiliate Program where you’ll get paid handsomely by driving (or simply directing) potential new GPT site administrators to the ShiftCode Client Portal via your unique sales tracking affiliate link provided to you by ShiftCode.

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Registration for the ShiftCode Affiliate Program is open to the public and you may register for a free account at the Client Portal and when you are done with the free registration then simply surf on over to the ‘Affiliates’ tab within the portal to get specifics.

Get Paid To (GPT) and Affiliate Network Related Services I Always Highly Recommend

Monday, November 9th, 2015 | Miscellaneous, Recommendations with 1 Comment

Yes, when one has been in the business for a decade or more then certain products, services, and people tend to grow on you (wink)  NOT that these recommendations are in any way biased only in working with them and noticing the brilliance and grace that go into such things is just a fact.

– The ShiftCode PTS (paid-to-signup) / GPT (get-paid-to) site script !  Build your very own extremely lucrative GPT site simply and reasonably priced at ShiftCode.ShiftCode products have been proven and tested for stability, quality and a user-friendly environment. With thousands of clients any problems are reported instantly which gives you a smooth running GPT script!

– If you’re into going one more rung up the ladder then consider building a fully ShiftCode GPT site integrated affiliate network with Performa Networks!Performa Affiliate Networks by ShiftCode !

– While you’re at it then with both of the above products you’ll want to protect them from fraud with fully integrated ProxStop proxy server detection and rejection services (always reasonably priced – mere pennies)

– If you would like to shoot for the sky as far as a professional grade power-admin network is concerned (and you’re exploring all verticals not just the GPT or ‘incentive’ verticals) then I highly recommend looking into building your own AffTrack based affiliate network!AffTrack