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What is a GPT Site?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 | Article Archive B (TGPT), Miscellaneous with No Comments »

Many of you have heard the term “gpt site” before, but did you understand what that was, or did you just skip through it? Whatever the case was, you will learn a more advanced definition of what a GPT site is here.

GPT stands for “get paid to”. There are many different types of GPT, like get paid to play games, get paid to read emails, etc., but the most common and financially beneficial use of “GPT” is get paid to complete offers. These types of sites are popping up all around now. Unfortunately, a lot of the new GPT site owners are expecting to get rich quick through their sites – which will not happen without proper marketing.

So these GPT sites are filled with offers from different advertising networks that you can complete for money. Each offer is different and the cash you get for completing an offer varies. There are free offers and paid offers. Obviously, the paid offers pay more then the freebies. However, don’t think GPT sites are just designed for paid offers. In fact, most contain more freebies then paid offers.

The owners of the GPT sites have the ability to set their own prices on the offers you complete. For example, if you they get paid $1.00 from the advertising network they are a part of (which makes them a publisher), then they may list their offer on their GPT site for $0.80, keeping $0.20 for providing you the offer (hey, there has to be some incentive to running the site). This is where comes in.

We provide you with lists of the highest quality GPT sites that pay you the most for completing offers. A few sites claim to have “match pricing” where they promise that they will raise the reward of an offer if you find a higher price. The catch is that it is a very long process of emailing/contacting the site owner, requesting a reward change, having the owner modify the reward, and then completing the offer (before it goes away or ‘expires’)

So now that you know a bit more about what a GPT site is, why don’t you go ahead and try it out? You’ll find you can make a lot more money than you think if you focus.

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