Have you ever been woken up far too early on a Saturday morning from the irksome shriek of your neighbor’s lawnmower or been rudely cut off while driving down the street? I’m sure we’ve all experienced displeasing circumstances at one time or another caused by someone else and more often than not, we soon forget about it and carry on. The neighbor’s lawn does not interfere with our schedule and the rude driver is but a distant memory by the time we get to our destination. However, there are some decisions we make which do continue to have an impact on others long after the act has occurred.

In an industry where downlines and referral earnings are status symbols which help us to achieve our goals more quickly, we can be assured that people’s choices affect others to a higher degree than usual. Just as the wise financial choices made from a bank’s investment managers can affect employee wages and benefits in a positive way, so too can poor choices impact others negatively when everyone is part of a so-called "team."

In the Get-Paid-To community, often called the “Wild West of the Internet”, there’s been no new sheriff riding into town ready to disarm the bad guys and haul them off to the county jail. Our telegraph messages tend to go unheeded and our smoke signals are quickly disbursed by the wind. The town has become overrun by outlaws, pillagers and freeloaders whose actions impact conscientious shopkeepers, merchants and townsfolk alike. The question is, are we contributing to the breakdown of the community by the choices we make or are we taking action to halt the decay and help lead the industry out of its current state and into a safer, more productive environment we can all enjoy and prosper from?

When we aid, encourage, assist, host, support, defend and promote late-paying and poorly run sites, we are taking part in the deterioration of the industry as a whole and canceling out any progress the clean-up crew might have made.

We can either choose to pollute the environment we live in or we can choose not to. We can choose to get involved with clean-up efforts or we can choose not to. These are all decisions we make which absolutely do have an impact on others… and in so doing, we can either all take part in reaping the benefits or force others to suffer the consequences.

Article written by AnI4AnI.

This Article was Featured on GPTBoycott.com and Exclusive Expressed Permission to Reproduce it Here on MrGPT.com for Archival / Historical Reference was Sought and Granted by the Copyright Owner.

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