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Q. What is a GPT site? I’ve never heard of them.
A. Many of you have heard the term “gpt site” before, but did you understand what that was, or did you just skip through it? Whatever the case was, you will learn a more advanced definition of what a GPT site is here.

GPT stands for “get paid to”. There are many different types of GPT, like get paid to play games, get paid to read emails, etc., but the most common and financially beneficial use of “GPT” is get paid to complete offers. These types of sites are popping up all around now. Unfortunately, a lot of the new GPT site owners are expecting to get rich quick through their sites – which will not happen without proper marketing.

Q. Do you really get free money?
A. Yes! As long as you stick to this site and choose what I have used before since I only place companies who have paid me. If they haven’t, they are not on this site.

Q. How do I get paid?
A. Again, it depends on the company. Most pay through checks (mailed to you), PayPal, or E-Gold. There are more paying methods, but those are just the most I have seen.

Q. Why do they pay you?
A. Well, your input usually helps companies understand what consumers think about their products and/or services. The money they pay you is nothing compared to the money they could lose if they would not have researched consumers opinions first.

Q. Is it free?
A. Yes, most sites have free offers and paid offers. There are always usually more free offers, so don’t think it will be the other way around. The paid offers will make you more money though, they mostly just require a credit card (learn how to get around using your credit card here).

That brings me onto my next rant. If any site makes you pay to join, don’t even bother with it. Any site that’s making you pay to join is a scam. The profit they will make from you being a member is enough for them, without having a fee to join.

Q. How much money have you made from surveys?
A. Well, I am fairly new to completing online surveys for money, so I have made only about $1800+. Although I know people who have made over $5000+!

Q. Are all sites legit?
A. Of course not! This is one of the main reasons MrGPT.com was created. I was getting tired of reading about people getting scammed by different GPT sites. They’d make hundreds of dollars in a month and cash out, to later find their account was removed or the site was shut down. Our promise to you is to only bring the sites that have a well-known reputation and have paid thousands of members before. You can find this list at our GPT sites page.

Q. How can I avoid using my credit card?
A. With a prepaid card, you can buy a prepaid card, that acts like a credit card, except has a certain amount of money on it. You will never have to worry about being cheated or overcharged, since this is not a credit card. Once the money runs out on the card, you can buy another one with a certain amount of money.Why is this good? Most offers that pay well require that you pay them a non-refundable $1. With your prepaid card, you can just give them a dollar that way, without giving your credit card to them.

Why not just stick to freebies? Using a prepaid card, you can get away from the $1 and $2 freebies, and start getting $10+ each offer completed. I made $100+ in one day, thanks to my prepaid card! made over $1600+ !

Q. What is a referral?
A. A referral is someone that has signed up to a certain website using a unique URL made just for them. An example would be my RaidTheBank referral URL – http://www.raidthebank.com/members/register.php?ref=DrewAMP. Notice how at the end there is a “ref=DrewAMP”. That is the unique part of the URL that is just for me. If people sign up under that URL, I will earn a percent of what they earn.

Some sites have different level of referrals. For example, if a site has three level of referrals, their first level would be who you referred. The second level would be who your referral referred, and so on. They will also earn different percents. Another example, first level referrals earn 10%, second earn 5%, etc. (remember, just an example). CashCrate and TreasureTrooper offer the highest percentages.

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