Here’s our Official MrGPT FREE & Hot Get Paid To Sites List updated for the third quarter [Q3] of 2016 which includes the months of July, August and September.

What Determines Which GPT Sites Qualify for the ‘Hot’ Designation?  Basically, the ‘Hot’ sites (in the context of this web site post) includes those sites our experienced professional admin and site reviewing staff designate based upon a multitude of both objective and subjective factors.  We strive to be most objective and unbiased while compiling this list.

The Official
MrGPT FREE & Hot Get Paid To Sites List

BEST SITES FOR OFFERS | in Earning From Free Paid Surveys & Offer Completion Activity!  (starting below)

1) instaGC.comEarn Points for Things You Already Do Online !

instaGC - Instant Gift Cards

✓ Completing Surveys  ✓ Watching Videos  ✓ Shopping Online
✓ Searching the Web  ✓ Doing Offers  ✓ Downloading Software
✓ Shopping Online  ✓ Searching the Web  ✓ Downloading Mobile Apps
✓ Speaking on the Phone  ✓ Visiting & Browsing Web Sites
✓ Completing Simple Tasks  ✓ Signing Up for FREE Trials
✓ Optionally Referring Others to instaGC  ✓ Blogging About instaGC
✓ Competing & Placing in instaGC Contests  ✓ Winning the Decimal Jackpot
✓ Discovering & Entering instaGC Promo Codes  ✓ Posting instaGC Reward Proof
✓ Responding to Exclusive Email Offers!  ✓ etc. etc..


InstaGC is an extremely popular totally international free to join and earn get paid to site that has been around for over five (5) years now.   Join the instaGC large and fast growing community and receive free name brand gift cards instantly for your online activities.

✓ Digitally Delivered  ✓ No Wait
✓ Use In Store or Online  ✓ Send to a Friend

   InstaGC Members have already earned and redeemed their earned points for over 783,100+ gift cards to date!  Earn digital gift cards that you’ll receive instantly online without delay or any sort of hassle!  Choose from the almost 300 name brand gift cards currently available with new gift card reward options newly added frequently!

   INSTANT PayPal $1.00 Minimum Cash Out !  …is Available After Earning at Least $50 on the Site!  (at site staff discretion depending upon your instaGC activity history & location)

instaGC UniqueLead Statistics

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