MrGPT Online Discussion Group Change: Please note that as of today then the Facebook Discussion Group that will serve as the official MrGPT GPT Discussion Group has changed from the former linked discussion group at (now the discussion group serving to the Earn Free Cash Online Simply & Legitimately discussion group at

This is a permanent group change thereby pointing to a much more popular group with almost 1000 members at the time of this writing.  The new (to MrGPT) group will no doubt immediately provide us with much better engagement (more people to interact with and be exposed to new group posts)  Please note that this group allows and even encourages you to share you personal referral links to free online money making sites.

Yes! Posting Your Referral Links in the Group is Just Fine! In Fact This is an Ideal Way to Expose Your Referral Links to Almost 1000 People Who Have Already Expressed and Interest in Get Paid To Sites!

The group is open for public viewing without any sort of registration though if you would like to be able to interact and post in the group then simply click on the group ‘Join’ button. All group posts will be reviewed and approved by the group admin (myself) before they are posted publicly. 

The MrGPT Facebook Page will remain the ‘GPT Sites’ page at:

The MrGPT Twitter Account also will remain the Twitter account of our site admin & author at @FreeCashPro /


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