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The well known trusty admin ‘William C’ of Peoples GPT sent me over this contest and promo disclosure announcement so I though I’d share it with you as well:

”The Peoples GPT November Offer Contest & Referral Contest that we have every month have started. However, we are testing our very new & first time offering PTC Contest. This month is a test to see how that does and see if it is worth it, editing it, or not. For this PTC contest, continue reading…

Peoples GPTFor every 500 clicks you get, you earn an extra 50 cent bonus. Can be repeated unlimited amount of times. Lets see how it does!

Also new this month, for Black Friday, this year & is the first year of doing is, we changed the settings to check out but can still use internal funds or PayPal. We changed it as it is the only way to create a discount. We will messages everyone about our Black Friday holiday promo code & 25% OFF on all ads bought of any kind.

There is no limit on how many times you can use it until we end it or add multiple orders in your cart and then add promo code BlackFrida (this is same for REDEEMING promo code for a one send bonus. Only will be able to redeem if you did an offer that approved in last 24 hours).

Now, complete offers, join in on contests, buy advertisement(s), and for the discount of ad purchases & to get a penny bones for promo code BlackFrida (Use now)!

Check out our (returning) 50 cent BONUS for completing 20 offers, 2015 Thanksgiving & 2015 Christmas Contest, along with them all under contest tab on Peoples GPT.

Lastly, look at the Start and end date as all of them listed here, range from Today, November 1, 2015 at Noon (12 AM) EST (site time) Sunday, through January 31, 2015 at 11:59 PM

Good Luck, Happy Earnings, & hope you have had a great year!!!

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Wesley B.
AKA FreeCashPro

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