Yes, Points4Rewards may be a simple looking Get Paid To (GPT) site but behind the plain façade is a powerful place to earn cash easily while getting paid to PayPal instantly!

Points4Rewards is has been around for ages, it’s a trusted, has a caring admin and it’s a great place to do offers as the last 100 offers credited are listed on the right and if you start off with those offers then you’re usually guaranteed a smooth crediting offer completion experience.

The site sports an OK selection of offer walls and in-house listed offers that are updated at regular intervals of a day or so apart.  They usually have a regular offer contest running while they also occasionally will throw in a referral contest here and there.

Basically, if you aren’t already familiar with Points4Rewards yet then I suggest you add it to your short list of great sites to do offers at and refer to.

They pay instantly to PayPal with a $1 minimum to reach before cashing out.  They also offer Amazon as a reward.

As is standard practice at most modern GPT sites you must become verified first (a painless though slow process depending upon when you catch the admin)  Once your account is verified then you are all good to go!

Points4Rewards GPT with Instant PayPal and Amazon!

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