• Wesley B. as Max P. as MrGPT as FreeCashProIf you would like to keep up with what’s on my radar the please feel free to request my (Wesley B.) Facebook ‘friendship’ with me ‘MrGPT’ as Maximus Promoteus at https://www.facebook.com/promoteus  I spend a large portion of each day online seven days a week and I have the attitude that I cannot have too many Facebook friends.

  • If you’re interested in seeing the public list of what Facebook groups I’m involved with (a group admin, moderator, and/or member) then feel free to take a peek at my public group participation list here
  • Below is a partial List of many of the Facebook groups I manage as a group administrator or co-admin. I’m the sole founder of a number of these groups as well. I may share administrative duties with others as co-admins or group moderators at a number of these groups.
  • The Following Facebook Groups are All Open to the General Public and Do Allow and Encourage Members to Post Suggesting, Recommending, and/or Promoting FREE to Join & Earn (ONLY) Online Money Making Programs Such as Get Paid To (GPT) Sites By Including Their Own Personal Referral Links While Giving a Robust Description of the Program in Your Posts

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