Have You Yet Discovered the Relatively New ShiftCode Based Resources Out There? An Official Discussion Forum–An Affiliate Program Open for Free to the Public?

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Yes, our friends at ShiftCode (the GPT site script people) have been hard at work further expanding their online resources not only to GPT site admins and staff but now extending to general public GPT members at large!

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The Official ShiftCode Online Discussion Forum

If you have a favorite Get Paid To (GPT) site or two (or a few more) then feel free to visit this new forum resource and register for free!  We’d love to read your shared posts about the great GPTs you have in mind.  There is even a new Members Corner which contains General Discussion, Recommended GPT / PTC Sites, GPT / PTC Complaints, and Network Complaints sections!  Also, a reasonably up-to-date and complete Genuine ShiftCode Powered GPT Sites Master List is also featured there!

On the other hand, if you have progressed to the point in which you yourself would like to try your hand at owning your own lucrative genuine ShiftCode GPT site then there is information about script licensing and hosting located in the forum and in the actual ShiftCode Client Portal.

If instead you’re a blogger, webmaster, or other type of online promoter then you may be interested in the ShiftCode Affiliate Program where you’ll get paid handsomely by driving (or simply directing) potential new GPT site administrators to the ShiftCode Client Portal via your unique sales tracking affiliate link provided to you by ShiftCode.

ShiftCode & Performa Affiliate Program Recruiting Banner 468 x 60

Registration for the ShiftCode Affiliate Program is open to the public and you may register for a free account at the Client Portal and when you are done with the free registration then simply surf on over to the ‘Affiliates’ tab within the portal to get specifics.

The Handful of Favorite GPT Sites I Like Most & Why

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For the past decade I’ve been concentrating on gaining referrals in bulk for the plethora of Get Paid To (GPT) sites out there nowadays.
This has driven my referrals strategy of presenting the web site audience with his / her choice of GPT sites presented in one of two ways:

  • a long master list of all the established legitimate GPT sites I know of; or
  • a shorter list of ten or twelve of the GPTs I prefer to frequent while providing short and concise description of each.

    For this and upcoming posts I’ll be introducing a third type of list listing only those five or six GPT sites that:

  • I prefer to visit when I have intentions of ‘doing offers’; and
  • I prefer to promote with greater exposure knowing that gaining referrals at these sites is weighted in my favor.

    Pick the Right GPT Site for Your Activities !

    The GPT Site Admin’s Financial Balancing Act

    For the typical GPT site admin wrestling to come up with a winning balance between what the GPT site itself gets paid from the various offer sources, what percentage of that will be awarded (or rewarded) to the offer completing member? …and what of all other site monetary overhead costs such as the site referral bonus (a percentage), site contests & jackpots, site advertising & promotion, fixed costs such as web site hosting, member verification and fraud detection systems, paying site staff members, etc. 

    The above calculation process comes down to whether or not the GPT site will be profitable (most of the margins a GPT site admin sees are rather thin)  If the site admin doesn’t do the math and balancing act correctly to a tee in the first place – the admin may be faced with actually paying out of pocket to keep the GPT running (rather than enjoying a healthy profit as one may think is simply automatic while running a GPT site)  I could go deeper into the various financial pitfalls of running a site but I’d best stop here to stick to the point of this post.

    TIP: Choose Your Site Wisely to Identify those GPT sites where the math dictates what earning opportunity it is best suited for (or weighted towards) – ‘doing offers’ versus promoting your referral link towards gaining  referrals.

    What the GPT site is named sometimes will hint at the intent the GPT site admin is leaning towards – one side of the monetary balancing act or the other.  For example HighestPayGPT.com (an actual real and popular site) pays the most to the member per very same (identical) offer completion than any other GPT sites out there that I know of.  Yes, that’s a great site for spending all your time actually completing surveys and offers but if you heavily into promoting Get Paid To sites via your referral link in pursuit of a great referral bonus then the weak 5% level one tier

    TIP: Apply for a PayPal Debit Card!  First I should mention that I’m a proud PayPal Debit Card carrying GPT site member.  The PayPal debit card is really convenient and a must have in my opinion for anyone serious about earning cash online simply. I can cash out to instant PayPal and the debit card allows me to spend the money earned immediately acting as a fully fledged debit / credit card online, for paying for local store purchase, and even taking out cash at local ATMs!  Simply apply for a PayPal Debit MasterCard on PayPal’s site.  When you finally receive your card and after a few transactions then you’ll start wondering how you got along without it!

    Favorite ULTRA HIGH PAYOUT Get Paid To Site for Doing OffersHighestPayGPT - Truly the Highest Paying GPT Site I Know Of Currently!

    HighestPayGPT is truly an amazing place to complete offers and surveys!  In addition to the highest paying offers around then the site offers INSTANT PayPal with only a Two-Dollar ($2) minimum to earn until you may withdraw your earnings and get paid (all together now) INSTANTLY!
    HighestPayGPT is a Genuine ShiftCode GPT Site so your information is safe and you can rest assured that you’ll have a familiar fun lucrative and consistent time without having to worry about the site’s legitimacy (ShiftCode is a Truly Commercial Grade GPT Site Script!)
    Typically it’s a tradition at HighestPayGPT for the members to cooperate with each other in the shoutbox and look to the ‘Last 10 Credited’ offers list for hints on what offers to do next!

    Favorite BALANCED Get Paid To Site for Doing Offers & ReferralsDigital gift cards received instantly

    Digital Gift Cards & PayPal Cash Received Instantly!  Join our fast growing community and receive free gift cards instantly for your online activities.
    Earn points for things you already do online! Redeem your points for gift cards!  Choose from 300+ gift cards!  ✔ Digitally delivered ✔ No wait ✔ Use in store or online ✔ Send to a friend 681,100+ gift cards redeemed! Get free gift cards by completing tasks, surveys, videos, plus more. Over 680,700+ gift cards redeemed. Free to join!
    instaGC is based on an excellent intuitive proprietary script which has all the bells and whistles.  Offers do credit extremely well here and the payout per identical offers elsewhere is pretty decent! instaGC has ALL the Offer Walls!  Never a boring time here!

    Favorite BALANCED Get Paid To Site for Doing Offers & ReferralsRewardingways.com - Helping you Make Money Online with Free Paid Surveys and Offers. Find new Paid Surveys available every day and get paid for each survey you complete.

    RewardingWays.com – Helping you Make Money Online with Free Paid Surveys and Offers. Find new Paid Surveys available every day and get paid for each survey you complete

    RewardingWays Offers Great Balanced Offer Rates that are Upper Echelon while still having an awesome referral reward of “RewardingWays offers a very generous referral program which is free to use!  You earn 25% of everything your referrals earn for life, so for every $10 your referrals earn, you earn an $2.50.! The More your referrals earn, the more you earn. Sending people you know will complete offers at RewardingWays is the key to earning big.”

    Other Notable Favorite GPT Sites


    Earn Doing - Helping You Earn More

    Choosing my favorite GPTs sites for ‘doing offers’ involves thinking about which sites tend to offer me (the site member) the best overall rate for the identical offer on more mundane (or some may say ‘greedy’) GPT sites.

    These offer rates and percentages tend vary widely from GPT site to GPT site.  Typically an offer completing GPT site member can hope to receive somewhere between 40% and 60% of what the GPT site receives for the member’s offer completion.  Though on HighestPayGPT type sites then one can hope for much more in the range of 65% to 80% of what the ‘house’ (GPT site) receives!
    There are also other factors involved such as the where (what advertisers and affiliate networks) the GPT site is getting their offers from and how high up on the ‘ladder’ (or closer to the source advertiser) that affiliate network is.
    Typically there are so many middle-man affiliate networks each taking their own ‘cut’ percentages out of the offers that once seen by the offer completing GPT site member an offer may have been reduced to 10% or less what the original source advertiser has given to the first network on the list.  It’s not at all unusual to see an offer worth $10 per completion (or ‘conversion’) may only yield a buck or less for the GPT site member.

  • GPT Admin Self-Help Free Promotion Idea Guide

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    ‘Outside the Box’ Promotion Strategies & Techniques

    The Promotion ‘Snowball’ Effect – Show support for pages and posts that are already out there by regularly searching for positive mentions of the site you are trying to promote. If it’s a forum post or a blog post then take the time to post a comment (thereby ‘bumping’ notice of the mention) If it’s on social media then take the time to like, comment, and (optional) share the mention to your site’s Facebook page.

    It definitely helps to promote any good mentions by taking the time to actually submit that page URL manually to Google, Bing, and other search providers. You’ll find the Google Search Console Manual Submit Page here while the Bing Manual Submit Page is here.

    If the mention is the post of a valued site member of yours then you reward them by the simple fact that you’ve noticed that they are a fan thereby helping to secure site loyalty and enhance their excitement over your site.

    I’ve been employing this technique for years with excellent results!

    Allow MrGPT to Help You Promote FREE! – Yes, we used to charge for site reviews but for a limited time we are offering to ShiftCode GPT site admins (only) to post your own unique informational post / GPT site review of your site for free! Why ShiftCode GPTs only? Frankly, because it’s the only commercial script that’s worth damn nowadays!

    Article submissions must be unique (not ever posted anywhere else) and written from the point of view of one of your site members (hold a site review article contest for your members? …or give extra credit for suitable articles.) Article submissions are subject to editing in writing style, grammar, punctuation, and other issues.

    The more detailed and helpful the post – the better.  If you would like to offer your winning site member article author to include his/her own referral link to your site as part of the submitted article reward (if chosen for inclusion) then we will honor that.

    Why would we do such a thing? Fresh new unique content helps our search ranking.  It’s a win-win-win solution! It helps your winning member, it helps you and your GPT, and it helps us add fresh new content.

    Please instruct would-be article post authors to refrain from over using superlative language (over the top with statements like ‘the best GPT site in the whole world’, etc.)  It must be an honest informational article and/or site review of your site.

    Completed article submissions may be sent to us at [email protected] with the subject “Article Submission”  We reserve the right to reject articles in whole or in part for any reason whatsoever at our own sole discretion. If you will be rewarding a winner in an article contest please run the article copy by us first before declaring or rewarding a winner.

    Articles will also include a linked 468 x 60 banner to your site (also to the winner’s referral link if desired)

    Discover & Take Advantage of All the FREE Web Resources – Yes, it’s a proven fact that the more good mentions your GPT site get’s – the better. Blog about your GPT – no hosting payments or domain necessary. 

    The web is full of totally free promotion platforms such as free blog providers and such.  Discover and utilize free web promotion opportunities given by free blog providers to promote your GPT site.  It doesn’t have to be lengthy or even pretty, just the mere mention and description of what your site has to offer in a few places makes a definite difference (even if search engines will be the only ones visiting it most of the time)

    Start with a basic outline of the features of your GPT site to create an informative article describing your site and all of its benefits.  Blog about it!  Make sure to change and rearrange each of your articles on different providers to avoid being penalized for duplicate content across blogs. 

    Below is a list of free web resources to start with. Yes, you definitely will not regret this – believe me!  Remember to submit your finished posts to search engines when you are through. 

    Blogger.com (free from Google) It’s a known fact that Google’s search engine highly favors web content built on its own platforms.  They are happy to provide your with a generous chunk of the web hosted free for life on a subdomain of your choosing (if you have a spare domain name then they are happy to host your free blog at your domain as well)  Blogger is Open Live Writer compatible (a neat PC application that makes blogging a whole lot easier and powerful)

    Weebly – Though not my favorite free blog provider it is free and especially easy for newbie blog authors to grasp quickly.

    WordPress – Yes, the professional’s choice for blogging (when self-hosted) also comes in a free blogging version with professional features!  WordPress will host your blog for free on their own servers pointed to a sub-domain of your choosing.  Simply choose ‘Create Website’ and off you go. WordPress is Open Live Writer compatible (a neat PC application that makes blogging a whole lot easier and powerful)

    Blog.com – I don’t have much experience with Blog.com but I thought I’d mention it because it came up on a list of the top 10 free blogging platforms out there.

    Click Here to Find More Such Free Blog Providers

    FeedBurner.com – (also Free from Google) Though not another blogging platform, it is an indispensable very powerful promotional tool that takes any site feed and turns in into a promotional dynamo. FeedBurner will take any standard ho-hum site feed and add powerful features such as ‘PingShot’ (under the ‘Publicize’ tab) which will notify (ping) a myriad of services upon each new blog post you make!

    ‘Socialize’ (also under the ‘Publicize’ tab) will publish each new blog post to Twitter in real-time with no extra work!  FeedBurner is chock full of innovative features and options that will maximize your promotion efforts without much extra work (if any)     


    On-Topic Online Discussion Forum Promotion

    ShiftCode Official Online Discussion Forum – ShiftCode GPT administrators and staff may wish to check the ‘Genuine ShiftCode Powered Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Master List !’ post to ensure that their GPT site is listed .  If your GPT site is not listed then send a message on the forum to the post author (myself) suggesting that your site be added.

    GPT site admins are encouraged to post a mention of their site in the ‘Recommended GPT / PTC Sites’ section of the forum (and you may well encourage your site members to post to your site’s post thread praising the features, benefits, and payment proof for your ShiftCode GPT site)

    We Recommend ONLY Genuine ShiftCode GPTs (badge) Link to the ShiftCode ForumBest eMoneys Forum / Earning Portal – This is a very popular forum+ to list your program(s) at.  Best eMoneys is more than a simple forum – it has a whole bunch of features and lists of all types of earn online type program.  Simply register and then add your site!

    There are a number of details to fill in and a verification process to complete but yes, it it a free listing. You will get a small site ‘badge’ to place on your site.  they also have a profit sharing program and a few other bells and whistles.
    BesteMoneys.com - Extensive catalog about everything related to E-currencies.eMoneySpace Forum – This is a very popular on-topic forum to discuss GPT sites, etc.  They also have a procedure by which you can be verified as a program admin (thereby giving you exclusive access to a private program admins board where you can compare notes and network with other admins)  It’s best to be mindful of the forum posting rules when you seek to promote your site.
    eMoneySpace ForumGetPaidHwy.com Forum – A popular on-topic forum.  This was an extremely popular forum years ago which stagnated over time.  The forum admin is attempting a huge forum comeback now.  The forum always has some strict posting rules that you’ll want to study before posting though.
    Get Paid Hwy - Community Helping Others Get Paid To...GoldenTalk.com Forum – A popular on-topic forum.
    GoldenTalk - The Best Moneymaking Forum - HYIP, PPA, Forex, Online Betting!TalkGold.com Forum – A popular on-topic forum.
    HYIP and Money Making Discussion, Forum.  High Yield Investments, Forex

    Money Maker Group – A popular on-topic forum.
    Money Maker GroupClick Here to Discover More On-Topic Discussion Forums (courtesy of LMGTFY.com – a.k.a. ‘Let Me Google That For You’) For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves. blue topic divider

    Free Site Credentials, Listings, & Widget Providers
    (add some ‘bling’ to your site while also accomplishing promotion)

    Alexa – Search Provider.  A listing on Alexa used to be much more important than it seems nowadays (since their move from being a relevant search index to more providing web site SEO and promotion services at a hefty cost)  There are, however, a few things you can accomplish on Alexa without cost.

    Go to Alexa and type your domain name in to the ‘Enter a site’ box.  If it doesn’t know of the site then it may scramble to automatically build a page for your site.  You’ll need to sign up for a free account in order to claim your site by adding some code to it and verifying (several methods provided)  Once you have claimed your site then it will allow you to make free limited changes to that listing (adding details)  If you ask me then it doesn’t make sense to pay what they are asking for a premium account and listing (though I’m sure a few people out there may argue with me on that point.

    Alexa search results DO turn up in Google searches and every mention of your site helps in the overall scheme.  Once you are finished polishing up your Alexa listing then you may want to add an Alexa widget to your site’s footer.  More information on adding the widget is located here.
    Can I display my Alexa rank on my site?

    McAfee SECURE Certification Trustmark – According to their documentation ‘The certification Trustmark is what people look for when they want to check that your site is safe to do business with’  I like it because it furthers a goal of cementing the site as a reputable and safe site plus the fact that it gives search engines two more pages on the internet to find that mention the site in good light (they treat their ‘Certification Trustmark’ page and the ‘TrustedSite Reviews’ page as one but they are actually two different pages on two different URLs that you accomplish creating with a single registration).

    Their ‘Certification Lite’ plan is free and it’s active for the first 500 visitors each month and it will allow for up to 100 reviews (they want $800 for the next step up ‘Pro’ plan – nah, I’ll keep my $800, but thanks anyways) According to their FAQs ‘Users of the free plan can be scanned for malware, be listed in our SECURE directory, collect website ratings from their visitors, and display the Trustmark to up to 500 visitors per month’  

    They provide you with the code to install the ‘floating’ badge on the target site (it’s not at all bad looking either)
    Add the trustmark and boost online sales. Free.

    RelmaxTop – RelmaxTop has increasingly become popular with online money making sites over the years.  It offers a free site counter feature which also allows your site visitors to rate your site and leave comments. They also have a site directory where you can add your site(s) in the proper category.  Yes, they do have premium upgrade features (at a cost) but I find their free offerings very helpful and sufficient for my own purposes.

    They describe their own site as a “Site directory where web sites are ranked by the number of visitors, feedback and votes you get through free hit counter.”
    Relmax Top - Site directory where web sites are ranked by the number of visitors, feedback and votes you get through free hit counter. 30731

    Search Engine Submission

    Entireweb – Free Search Engine Submission. Simply enter the URL you wish to have submitted, enter your email address, and select free submission (or whatever service you wish to use) They will send you an email in which you need to click on the verification link and you’re off! 

    Don’t forget to click on the Bing submission link to complete the simple manual submission process for Bing. This is by far the easiest most effective free submission service I’ve seen yet. Submit your site to Google, Yahoo & Bing – Free & Easy!!

    Entireweb Free Search Engine Submission - Submit your site to Google, Yahoo & Bing - Free!


    Submit FREE to Earn Online Top Site Lists

    Top site lists are an excellent way for site admins to promote get paid to (GPT) sites. Basically you register for a free account referencing your site. After registration then you’ll be required to place a small bit of code displaying a tiny banner anywhere on your site (though usually in the site footer) that tracks hits and votes on your site. Most top site lists use some combination of the number of hits the banner gets while also noting the number of votes for your site.  The higher the rank your site generates then the further up the top site list your site progresses towards the number 1 position.

    It should be mentioned here that it makes sense only for GPT site owners, admins, or staff to list a GPT site on these top site lists as one must have coding access in order to place the crucial tracking/voting banner code on the target site.  Without this code placed on the target site then that site’s listing has no way to move up the list.

    Note that a top site list administrator may be so inclined to replace the straight link URL to your GPT site with their own referral link for your site. It’s a bit controversial though it need not be if you have the right information and attitude.  It’s still a win-win for all involved.  Your GPT still get’s promoted and the list admin get’s a reward from promoting your site and keeping fresh new traffic flowing to the top site list by investing hard work and money promoting the list.

    Below are the top site lists that I founded and admin in the order of popularity:

    Earn GoTop100 Top Site List [Add Your Site Here] – Only Legitimate Trusted FREE to Join & Earn Online Money & Get Paid To (GPT) Sites ! – My most popular top site list with a Google pagerank of one (pr1)  Yes, it is required that you place the link/voting code on the target site in order to stay on the list and progress at all up the list.  Yes, admittedly there is a bit of playing politics on this list but all listings here are very effective promotion for any site involved!
    [I do tend to highly favor ShiftCode GPT sites (if you have a decent quality ShiftCode GPT site then I’m usually more than happy to spare you having to work your way though the lower ranks as a free favor/perk – just contact me at [email protected])  If you are interested in starting your own similar list for free then simply click on the ‘Create Free Top Site’ link in the upper right corner (list administration is a bit complicated here though – it takes some getting used to)]

    Free Cash Online Top Site List [Add Your Site Here] – Get Paid To GPT Sites – Free Paid Survey Sites – GPT Related Sites – CPA Networks – We Are The Get Paid To / Work At Home Industry Authority – 100% Free Member Generated List – This is a self-hosted list that’s been around and popular for many years!  Yes, it is required that you place the link/voting code on the target site in order to stay on the list and progress at all up the list.  This list is ranked by the average number of weekly unique views the ranking banner receives on your site.  





    New Contest & Promos Kicking Off at Peoples GPT !

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    Peoples GPT

    The well known trusty admin ‘William C’ of Peoples GPT sent me over this contest and promo disclosure announcement so I though I’d share it with you as well:

    ”The Peoples GPT November Offer Contest & Referral Contest that we have every month have started. However, we are testing our very new & first time offering PTC Contest. This month is a test to see how that does and see if it is worth it, editing it, or not. For this PTC contest, continue reading…

    Peoples GPTFor every 500 clicks you get, you earn an extra 50 cent bonus. Can be repeated unlimited amount of times. Lets see how it does!

    Also new this month, for Black Friday, this year & is the first year of doing is, we changed the settings to check out but can still use internal funds or PayPal. We changed it as it is the only way to create a discount. We will messages everyone about our Black Friday holiday promo code & 25% OFF on all ads bought of any kind.

    There is no limit on how many times you can use it until we end it or add multiple orders in your cart and then add promo code BlackFrida (this is same for REDEEMING promo code for a one send bonus. Only will be able to redeem if you did an offer that approved in last 24 hours).

    Now, complete offers, join in on contests, buy advertisement(s), and for the discount of ad purchases & to get a penny bones for promo code BlackFrida (Use now)!

    Check out our (returning) 50 cent BONUS for completing 20 offers, 2015 Thanksgiving & 2015 Christmas Contest, along with them all under contest tab on Peoples GPT.

    Lastly, look at the Start and end date as all of them listed here, range from Today, November 1, 2015 at Noon (12 AM) EST (site time) Sunday, through January 31, 2015 at 11:59 PM

    Good Luck, Happy Earnings, & hope you have had a great year!!!

    Information Passed on By
    Wesley B.
    AKA FreeCashPro
    Admin www.MrGPT.com

    What is a GPT Site?

    Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 | Article Archive B (TGPT), Miscellaneous with No Comments »

    Many of you have heard the term “gpt site” before, but did you understand what that was, or did you just skip through it? Whatever the case was, you will learn a more advanced definition of what a GPT site is here.

    GPT stands for “get paid to”. There are many different types of GPT, like get paid to play games, get paid to read emails, etc., but the most common and financially beneficial use of “GPT” is get paid to complete offers. These types of sites are popping up all around now. Unfortunately, a lot of the new GPT site owners are expecting to get rich quick through their sites – which will not happen without proper marketing.

    So these GPT sites are filled with offers from different advertising networks that you can complete for money. Each offer is different and the cash you get for completing an offer varies. There are free offers and paid offers. Obviously, the paid offers pay more then the freebies. However, don’t think GPT sites are just designed for paid offers. In fact, most contain more freebies then paid offers.

    The owners of the GPT sites have the ability to set their own prices on the offers you complete. For example, if you they get paid $1.00 from the advertising network they are a part of (which makes them a publisher), then they may list their offer on their GPT site for $0.80, keeping $0.20 for providing you the offer (hey, there has to be some incentive to running the site). This is where MrGPT.com comes in.

    We provide you with lists of the highest quality GPT sites that pay you the most for completing offers. A few sites claim to have “match pricing” where they promise that they will raise the reward of an offer if you find a higher price. The catch is that it is a very long process of emailing/contacting the site owner, requesting a reward change, having the owner modify the reward, and then completing the offer (before it goes away or ‘expires’)

    So now that you know a bit more about what a GPT site is, why don’t you go ahead and try it out? You’ll find you can make a lot more money than you think if you focus.

    This article originally appeared on the now gone TopGPTSites.com (of which I was a co-admin) The article is republished here with expressed exclusive permission of the copyright holder(s)  Now Copyright 2011-2016 IllinoisPC / MrGPT.com

    Free Viral Advertising – Get Thousands of Visitors to Your Website for FREE Really !

    Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 | Effective Free & Low Cost Promotion Resources, Miscellaneous with No Comments »

    Free Visitors !  The Power of Viral Advertising !

    Viral Advertising Free

    Double a penny every day for a month and what do you get? Over 10 million dollars!. That’s the power of exponential growth, and internet is the best medium for this system.

    Since the Internet era, viral advertising becomes the most reliable means to advertise almost anything. Internet can reach every corner of the world, and so does your website! That’s why Traffic Digger exists. Traffic Digger works based on viral advertising concept. With clean design and easily readable ads, you can be sure that we’re the best place to advertise your website for FREE! How Traffic Digger Works?

    Traffic Digger works with simple way, but will never failed. We’re similar with other multi level marketing system. More downlines you get, more websites will show your ads, and more visitors you get for your website. This is how our system works:

    When you signed up, you will get a website like this with your ad at the 1st position, and ad at current 1st position will be moved to 2nd position, current 2nd to 3rd, and so on. Ad at current 7th position won’t be shown anymore.

    When you advertised your Traffic Digger website and someone signed up from your link, their ad will be at the 1st position, and yours will be moved to 2nd position. Your ad will be listed in every Traffic Digger website from your downlines up until 6 levels deep. With 6 levels viral marketing like this, you can imagine how much traffic you will get from Traffic Digger.
    How Many FREE Visitors Can You Get?

    The answer is: unlimited. This system works well in the internet and nothing can stop it. That’s the main benefit of this type of internet marketing. You can join us now and start to get 10-15 signups under you in just few days. In short time, you will be amazed when your website gains huge traffic because more than 20,000 websites show your ad every day, and these numbers will exponentially grow.

    Earning Money Online with a GPT Site

    Sunday, December 6th, 2009 | GPT Site Reviews, Miscellaneous with No Comments »

    Are you tired of waiting for the perfect job to come? Or are you just waiting for an opportunity to pull in some needed extra cash? It’s just so EASY and BREEZY! Definitely the qualities users are looking for in a GPT site! Well here it is, you could earn money without spending a single penny!

    It’s easy with BreezyBucks.com. It’s a GPT “get paid to” website like no other because it is the simplest and the greatest way to earn money online. You should get that seatbelt on because just by simply signing up, you can then start counting the cash and prizes that will be coming your way! Now, people around the world could make money just by staying in the comfort and convenience of their homes with the help of this site. This site facilitates the production of online money making with the use of the power of your fingertips!

    BreezyBucks.com offers a 20% referral program that guarantees every registered user of the site, benefit greatly from it! The referral system works significantly three levels deep that could make every friend referred a satisfied earner. How does this work? Earning points is 20% of what the person you referred earns. If your friend earned 10 points, you automatically earn 2 points. And if you’re friend makes another referral that earned another 10 points, you can still earn 0.4 points from it and another 0.08 points for the next referral that earned another 10 points, because this works on three levels down. BreezyBucks is definitely an extraordinary and the best thing that every internet user must experience.

    This GPT site makes earning money fun and unique because you could win free cash and prizes just by answering surveys. Is that so easy? This is the simplest and the most popular way to earn at BreezyBucks. Users are get paid instantly just by earning points after completing offers. So, the more offers you complete, the more points you earn. Taking full advantage of BreezyBucks can make you earn big-time in no time. These points could be in exchanged for a lot of cash or even great prizes! These prizes could be the thing that you have been dreaming of, maybe an Xbox perhaps or a PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS accessories? Or maybe gift cards on different online stores, restaurant or shops.

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