instaGC–A Simply Magnificent Creation of a Get Paid To Site!

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instaGC International Get Paid To Now Paying Instant Paypal !

How does instaGC work?

To get free gift cards for your favorite stores, you need to collect points. There are virtually endless ways to earn on instaGC!

The current possible ways to earn points are watching videos, listening to an online radio, visiting sites, testing apps or games, shopping, filling out surveys, and completing general tasks. They are continuously adding new possible ways to earn as well.

Once you’ve completed these jobs, you will be rewarded with points that can be used towards your next gift card.

Did you know that instaGC now offers extra rewards for those who earn it by being an active member!  You can even earn the privilege of receiving INSTANT PayPal!

Some features are only shown to those members who are more active. Here is a current breakdown of some perks you would receive after being more active and earning more points:

At $5+ earned/redeemed:

-> Access to the donation area.
-> Access to create your own point booster codes.
-> Access to participate in Sweepstakes.
-> Access to participate in the weekly decimal pot.
-> Access to more surveys!

At $50+ redeemed:

-> Access to live member chat.
-> Access to PayPal reward option, featuring Instant Cash Outs!

Exclusive Booster Code (23 uses total):  Add the letters IGC- (in all caps) in front of this code in the purple oval below (no spaces)!  You can click on the code’s image to go directly to the page where you redeem codes!  So, you would enter IGC- and the code below (no spaces / noting the capitalization)  Enjoy!

exclusive booster code

Looking for Reliable Get Paid To Sites Paying INSTANT PayPal and INSTANT Gift Cards? Fasten Your Seat Belt & Say Hello to Your New Favorite GPT Sites!

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Yes, in todays fast paced online earning environment sometimes it just comes down to how fast your hard earned money can be placed in your own grubby hands!  …and Yes, there are other considerations like reliability, a reasonable minimum cash out figure, and what percentage of profit you’re getting rewarded with for offer completions at a particular Get Paid To site but again we’re happy to report that the GPT sites we recommend below all also score high in these departments as well!

All the International Sites Listed Below Do Indeed Offer INSTANT PayPal (One Dollar ($1) Minimum Cash Out) for Withdrawals and are Very Generous with Offer Payout Reward Levels (in a Higher Echelon Reward Percentage Amount)


instaGC International GPT (Below) is Also Totally FREE to Join and Earn Till Your Heart’s Content!

instaGC International GPT site offers INSTANT Name Brand eGift Cards Delivered electronically INSTANTLY – Even for eGift Cards Worth as Little as One Dollar ($1)!  These eGift Cards are Redeemable Without Hassle Online or In The Store!  instaGC Also Offers INSTANT PayPal with One Dollar ($1) Minimum Cash Out for Those instaGC Site Members in Good Standing That Have Previously Earned at Least Fifty Dollars ($50) on instaGC!

Without Further Adieu Allow Me to Introduce You to What Will Likely Become Your New Favorite Earn Online Reward Sites!

GPT Site Thumbnail Image

www. SuperPAY .me
GPT Site Thumbnail Imagewww. RewardingWays .com

GPT Site Thumbnail Image▪ www. OfferNation .com
GPT Site Thumbnail Image www. instaGC .com

Each site in each site group features ‘all of the offer walls that count’ while they also have a very well stocked and a rather large up-to-date collection of in-house on-site listed offers.  Way below (at the end of the post) is the list of the offer walls featured on the sites at the time of this report though be aware that they are constantly busting out walls (so to speak) and improving options continuously and they add new offer walls as they become available! , RewardingWays , OfferNation , and instaGC are all international GPT site heavyweights that are always entirely free to join and earn (they’ll never ask you for a dime!) , RewardingWays , and OfferNation   are part of the 99 Ventures Ltd clan of  popular no-nonsense Get Paid To sites with an admin and staff that are truly on-the-ball. instaGC is part of Day Online Solutions, LLC which has and continues to be a unique and positive force in both the affiliate network and Get Paid To site industries.

instaGC Social Media Feeds

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instaGC GPT
www. RewardingWays .com

Live instaGC GPT Facebook Page Feed Below
(Click Here to Go to the Site's Actual Facebook Page)

instaGC GPT
www. instaGC .com

Live instaGC GPT Twitter Feed Below
(Click Here to Go to the Site's Actual Twitter Pages)

instaGC GPT
www. instaGC .com

MrGPT FREE & Hot Get Paid To Sites List [2016Q3]

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Here’s our Official MrGPT FREE & Hot Get Paid To Sites List updated for the third quarter [Q3] of 2016 which includes the months of July, August and September.

What Determines Which GPT Sites Qualify for the ‘Hot’ Designation?  Basically, the ‘Hot’ sites (in the context of this web site post) includes those sites our experienced professional admin and site reviewing staff designate based upon a multitude of both objective and subjective factors.  We strive to be most objective and unbiased while compiling this list.

The Official
MrGPT FREE & Hot Get Paid To Sites List

BEST SITES FOR OFFERS | in Earning From Free Paid Surveys & Offer Completion Activity!  (starting below)

1) instaGC.comEarn Points for Things You Already Do Online !

instaGC - Instant Gift Cards

✓ Completing Surveys  ✓ Watching Videos  ✓ Shopping Online
✓ Searching the Web  ✓ Doing Offers  ✓ Downloading Software
✓ Shopping Online  ✓ Searching the Web  ✓ Downloading Mobile Apps
✓ Speaking on the Phone  ✓ Visiting & Browsing Web Sites
✓ Completing Simple Tasks  ✓ Signing Up for FREE Trials
✓ Optionally Referring Others to instaGC  ✓ Blogging About instaGC
✓ Competing & Placing in instaGC Contests  ✓ Winning the Decimal Jackpot
✓ Discovering & Entering instaGC Promo Codes  ✓ Posting instaGC Reward Proof
✓ Responding to Exclusive Email Offers!  ✓ etc. etc..


InstaGC is an extremely popular totally international free to join and earn get paid to site that has been around for over five (5) years now.   Join the instaGC large and fast growing community and receive free name brand gift cards instantly for your online activities.

✓ Digitally Delivered  ✓ No Wait
✓ Use In Store or Online  ✓ Send to a Friend

   InstaGC Members have already earned and redeemed their earned points for over 783,100+ gift cards to date!  Earn digital gift cards that you’ll receive instantly online without delay or any sort of hassle!  Choose from the almost 300 name brand gift cards currently available with new gift card reward options newly added frequently!

   INSTANT PayPal $1.00 Minimum Cash Out !  …is Available After Earning at Least $50 on the Site!  (at site staff discretion depending upon your instaGC activity history & location)

instaGC UniqueLead Statistics

This List Post is Currently Under Construction

The Popular instaGC GPT Site Definitely Worth Your While! Earn FREE Name Brand Electronic Gift Cards & Receive Them Instantly Online!

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Signup with and get 10 FREE POINTS to start you off!

instaGC Lets You Earn Instantly Delivered Name Brand Electronic GiftCards!

Digital Gift Cards Received Instantly!  Join the instaGC Fast Growing Community and Receive FREE Gift Cards INSTANTLY for Your Online Activities!

Earn FREE Instant Electronic Gift Cards for Amazon, Club Penguin, Diamond Candles, Facebook Credits, GameStop, IMVU,  iTunes, Minecraft, PlayStation Network, Riot Points for League of Legends, Starbucks, World of Warcraft,  Xbox, Xbox Live Gold, INSTANT PayPal, & More !


Don’t you want an easy way to get an gift card so you can choose from millions of products to purchase? We provide a fast and easy way to get gift cards for free. All you have to do is sign up with and watch the gift cards pour in. It’s really easy to start earning your free gift card so give it a try today and sign up on the right.

How Do I Get An Gift Card?

Earning free gift cards couldn’t be any easier. To get your free gift card, first sign up with (fill out the fields to the right). Once you have created an account, you can start getting your gift card simply by completing offers.

Offers are very simple tasks such as signing up for a website, filling out survey questions, and even watching videos. Completing offers gives you points. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for the gift card you have been dying to get.

Is It Completely Free?

Yes! Everything is free. You are not charged to receive gift cards.

How Do I Get An iTunes Gift Card FREE?

Getting iTunes gift cards couldn’t be easier and it doesn’t cost you a thing except your time.

All you have to do is complete tasks on the website and earn points. Each task is worth a different amount of points and the time to complete them varies. Within no time, you’ll be redeeming a iTunes gift card.

Gift Cards Have
Been Awarded
To Date!

Instant PayPal is Available on instaGC After You Have Completed at Least $50 Worth of Activity on the Site Over Time !

How To Get Free Starbucks Gift Cards

Don’t you want an easy way to get a Starbucks gift card so you can drink their newest creations all season long? We provide a fast and easy way to get Starbucks gift cards for free. All you have to do is sign up with and watch the Starbucks gift cards pour in. It’s really easy to start earning your free Starbucks gift card so give it a try today and sign up on the left.

Is It Completely Free?

Yes! You are not charged to receive Starbucks gift cards. Complete just a few FREE offers.

Sign Up at instaGC GPT Site Here!

My Most Liked & Recommended GPT Sites !

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Great Long Established INTL GPT with a $1 Minimum INSTANT Cash Out to PayPal Per Day and Also Multiple Promptly Paid Manual PayPal Withdrawals Throughout the Day as Needed After That!  

RewardingWays Has ALL the Offer Walls that Count and There’s Always Something to Do Such as Regular Perpetual Contests, etc..  The GPT Site is Pretty Much My Most Attractive ‘Easy Sell’ to My Currently Over 600 Referrals!  Always Entirely FREE to Join, Earn, and Remain a Member!

Genuine ShiftCode Based GPT Site
(so it’s Intuitive for Newbies, Powerful for GPT
Veterans, & Safe, Secure, & FAIR  for All)

A Single Explosively Popular Get Paid To (GPT) Site Running Under an Awesome Proprietary Script Which You are Bound to Instantly Fall in Love with as I had. instaGC Has a Cult Like Following of Happy and Well Paid Members.

Initially as a New Member You Will Likely Be Offered the Brand Name Electronic Gift Cards Sent Instantly Upon Request but Eventually (I not Sure How Long it Actually Takes But it;s Rumored to Be 60 Days) You Will Start Seeing the Instant Unlimited $1 Minimum INSTANT PayPal Option! Yes, as Mentioned You’ll Be Able to Cash Out to PayPal as Many Times a Day as You Have the Funds To (Reaching a Buck on this Site is Really Easy!)

The Site Includes All the Traditional Offer Walls Plus a Bunch You Probably Haven’t Encountered Yet! There are Always Plenty of Regular Contests Running at All Times While FREE Money Promo Codes are Given Out All Day and Night in the ShoutBox! Don’t Miss Looking Up and Contributing Your Fractions of a Penny Spare Change to Their ‘Decimal Pot’ Towards a Weekly Drawing of Winner Takes All!

Even All the Great Things I’ve Mentioned Above Don’t Do this Unique and Totally Awesome MUST JOIN (Free of Course) of a GPT Site!  You Have Nothing to Lose and Plenty of Earning Opportunities to Gain by Joining instaGC!

CenterOfPrizes GPT