7 Great International GPT Sites from Barnaby Media, Inc.

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The Seven (7) Exceptional International
Get Paid To (GPT) Sites From 
Barnaby Media, Inc.!

I believe this network of GPT sites has got to hold the record for the largest concentration of genuine ShiftCode (web script) based sites owned by one entity that the world has ever seen!  In addition to those great sites then Barnaby Media, Inc. also owns a large media network!

Without further adieu here are the first mentions here on the GPT sites in the order of my own personal preference:

  • CoasterCash GPT
    CoasterCash GPT Site

    CoasterCash GPT is totally international and a long-term (established in 2007) popular favorite with GPT site fans – 
    Both beginners and power users alike!  CoasterCash is packed with features and has NINE (9) offer walls! The site sports a fun roller coaster theme.  You’ll likely see me ‘MrGPT’ online here and don’t be too shy to say hi!

  • CashRocket GPT
    Cash Rocket GPT Site
    CashRocket International GPT is also a long-term popular favorite with GPT site fans!   You’ll likely see me ‘PlanB’ online here too! CashRocket appears to be most active of the seven GPTs though CosterCash is set to overtake the top shortly now. CashRocket GPT has 13 offer walls and counting!

  • ShareCash GPT
    Share Cash GPT Site

    ShareCash GPT is a hit internationally and grew up on its own before it was purchased to become part of the Barnaby Media, Inc. network of exceptional GPT sites! ShareCash GPT has an entirely different, hi-tech, and new theme and feeling when you enter.  You’ll find this site being much more detail oriented from the get-go.  You’ll likely see me ‘CHGO’ online here and don’t be too shy to say hi!

  • TikiTreasure GPT
    Tiki Treasure GPT Site

  • Mad Money GPT
    Mad Money GPT Site

  • AnythingFree4You
    Anything Free 4 You GPT Site

  • Prize Plank GPT
    Prize Plank GPT Site

CoasterCash GPT Site News! Spectacular News for September!

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Yes, during the month of September 2017 we will be accomplishing awesome new features and unveiling definite new possibilities on CoasterCash GPT!  We have already begun brave new modifications!

  • More unique offer, wall, and referral contests allowing even more members to compete and seriously win!  We also will be looking into adding multiple site jackpots at the same time rather than just one jackpot.

  • ShoutBox Vanity Upgrades – New features such as custom & unique shoutbox vanity upgrade features that will allow the site member to author their new personal shoutbox title, install a custom shoutbox image (can be animated too!), and your own font and font color!  These shoutbox upgrades will be priced at about $2, will allow you to use ‘internal funds’ as a payment option where you can direct the appropriate amount directly out of your balance here into your upgrade purchase, and will last forever into this site’s future!

  • In addition to the added site features above we will be improving the site in many more subtle ways thereby making CoasterCash feel just that lttle extra bit more towards a more comfortable feel to CoasterCash and making the site feel a bit more tweaked and dialed in to your preferences.

  • To increase site popularity many fold we have hired a co-admin that also just so happens to have heavy experience in very effective professional web site promotion!
As each new improvement comes online we’ll be notifying all members of the new possibilities.
Thank You So Much for Being a Valued CoasterCash GPT Member !
Read more: http://www.CoasterCash.com/home

Pocket Money GPT – They’re Having a Blast While Earning FREE PayPal Cash! The Way it Should Be!

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Pocket Money GPT is One of a Handful of Truly Fun Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Still Out There! It Seems That Every Time I Peek Into That Site to Check on My Referral Earnings They Appear to Be Having Such a Great Time in the Shoutbox That It Makes Me Want to Stick Around (and Sometimes I do!)  Could It Just Be That Making All That FREE Money Puts a Smile On Almost Anyone’s Face (I Know it Does Mine!)

PocketMoney GPT
GPT Site Thumbnail Image

Ok, Getting Past Appearances, PocketMoney GPT is a Little Gold Mine of a GPT Site! You Join For Free, Earn for Free, Withdraw Your Earnings to PayPal (for Free), Get Your Prompt Payment, Lather, Rinse Repeat!  We’re Talking Free Paid Surveys and Offers Here! It’s All Just So Simple and You Get Rewarded Big Time Here at This GPT Site (When They Say ‘Highest Paid Surveys On Their Banners They Really Mean It!)


When You’re Registering with PocketMoneyGPT Then Tell Them That FreeCashPro Sent You!  I Hope to See You There! I’m Going Back Now for Another $20 (in Like Half-An-Hour!) That Means On Average I’m Making $40 an Hour Sitting Here at Home! PocketMoney GPT is an Excellent Choice in GPT Sites !

About Peoples GPT

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We are a ( Get Paid To) GPT Site that pays daily via PayPal after you are a member for at least 4 days & you reach the min. of $1=100 points. People from all countries are welcome. Also, earn from referring new members. You will earn 5% of their earnings and 5% of their purchases. Check us out at http://peoplesgpt.com.

Ways To Earn

  • Completing Site Offers/Offer Walls. These types of offers with the exception of a few Offer Walls are Paid To Signup (PTS) offers. Typically this is lead based.
  • Completing Paid To Click (PTC)/Cost Per Click (CPC)/Daily Click offers. This involves clicking on the banners/links and then waiting for the timer to count down & verifying this is not by proxy by choosing correct picture shown. It is easy and guaranteed to get credit but it is usually a lot less than PTS offers & offers there are from members who paid for the traffic via PayPal or internal funds.
  • We have a daily jackpot which is attached to all offers except for CPCs/Daily Clicks. Completed those offers that have a jackpot entries and you are automatically entered into the daily jackpot. The amount of points you get is determined by entry amount. Each entrance is worth $0.01=1 Point. Every offer worth $0.50 = 50 points will have an extra entree & for each $0.50 = 50 points will give another entree. The system will automatically choose a winner of the jackpot. Although the more entries the higher chance of winning, it is not guaranteed.
  • Promotional Codes are given out via E-mail & inbox on our site. You would have had to complete an offer that has a jackpot entrance with it & must have been done within 24 hours from the time you redeem them. They also have a limit amount of members who can redeem & expire at some point if not used fully. Usually, it is just a little extra incentive that pays in points/cash and adds a little bonus to your account.
  • You can earn a steady stream of money to cash out if you are able to refer active members using your referral link & promotional Banners we have within your account. You can also refer new members via email by filling out the form in your account with their name & email address.
  • Last, by not Least, you can participate in the Offer Contest by completing them most offers or within the top 3 & Referral Contest by referring the most or be within the top three referrers. The stats are updated in real-time & you can see the amount of money/points given for each prize level. Both contests are the same on a monthly basis from midnight EST on the 1st of each month & ends the last day of each month at 11:59 PM EST.

Company Logo:

Company Name:

Peoples GPT

Company URL:


Company Contact:

E-mail Us

By: William Clements

GPT Sites We Highly Recommend !

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Our First Top Site Recommendation!

Center Of Prizes! Get Paid to Complete Free Paid Surveys and Lucrative Offers for Cash from Home. Instantly Earn FREE Name Brand Gift Cards and…  Instant PayPal Cash Now! No Minimum Cash Out !http://www.CenterOfPrizes.com/home?refid=3621


Our Second Top Site Recommendation!

RewardingWays Offers Instant PayPal with a $1 Minimum Several Times a Day! Plenty of Earning Opportunities! All the Offer Walls! Always Totally FREE to Join & Earn Here!


RewardingWays.com – Helping You Make Money Online with Free Paid Surveys and offers.

Make money Online with Paid surveys and Cash Offers. New Surveys available daily. Fast…

Our Third Top Site Recommendation!

instaGC – Totally FREE to Sign Up Get Paid To (GPT) Site!
Accepts Members from All Countries – Plenty of Ways to Earn!

instaGC is a Totally Unique GPT Site Experience with Its Own Site Site Script Designed to Maximize Your Earning Potential!

Get Rewarded in the Form of Name Brand Digital Gift Cards
Received Instantly & Eventually Instant PayPal with a $1 Min!

Join the fast growing community and receive free gift cards instantly and PayPal instantly for your online activities.


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