Hook Up to One Wall on This Site and Earn 24/7 (about $24 Extra Per Month!) REAL MONEY FOR NOTHING! Just Do It!

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FREE Cash for Basically Doing NOTHING!

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Yes, KissMyCash recently installed a new video wall called VideoLab where you can watch videos 24/7 while earning extra cash (about $24 extra a month)

It’s all automatic!  Just sign up / register and log in to KissMyCash and then head to the ‘PTC’ label on the top horizontal menu and click on VideoLab then set it and forget it!

I, myself, have found that it’s best on a PC if you have the pop-up VideoLab window in the foreground all the time (while I have it set up on my 2nd auxiliary PC)  Know that the wall also has mobile watching options! Also, I’ve been informed that one can really rake it in using multiple devices at the same time!

Get rewarded for watching each 14 minutes of videos. This is an unlimited offer that can run all day, 24/7!

The site admin is pretty excited about this new 24/7 earning feature on his site:

“I have one member who has earned (and been paid) $24 so far this month, just by letting videos play on his phone. Add $2.40 in bonuses and an almost guaranteed $3 win in the VideoLab contest, that’s a pretty good payout for doing basically….nothing. US only, but still, more of you should try this!”

If you are looking for the contest he speaks of then simply go here!
Warning: You must keep the popup window on top and viewable on your screen. This offer will continue automatically, as long as the offer remains fully viewable, you can discover and earn 24/7.

Best Free to Join and Earn Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Paying Daily Payments (24 Hours or Less) to PayPal (,etc.) with Only $1 to Reach (or Less) to Withdraw Your Earnings!

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Wow, that was a mouthful!  Yes, I’m speaking of all of those GPT sites that pay you your easily earned free paid survey and offer earnings in twenty-four hours or less.  All the sites I mention here are always totally FREE to join and come with an extensive history of being well established Get Paid To sites known to always pay on time.

In todays era of instant gratification then many of the best GPT sites paying daily tend to get overlooked by those seeking instant payments but I’d have you know that these daily paying GPTs with all of their benefits taken account of that they usually will offer you the best bang (in bucks) for your time!

Here is a List of Just Some of the Better Daily Paying GPT Sites I Know Of:


KissMyCash.net is a Safe Bet for a Steady Stream of Cash and a Great Earning Experience!

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The latest GPT site offering from one of the GPT site industry’s most well-loved admins and industry insider (Lyle M.) is KissMyCash  The site is pretty popular and the shoutbox chat is always full of friendly faces.

The site is popular among those in the know.  Sporting prompt $1 minimum PayPal withdrawals like clockwork (daily though within minutes when the admin is online – which is most of the day)

KissMyCash also features a great selection of fast crediting high paying in-house listed offers as well as a good choice of select offer walls.

The site is a totally international genuine ShiftCode GPT that’s always entirely free to join and earn – I recommend you take a look around – you’ll like what you see!