CoasterCash GPT Site News! Spectacular News for September!

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Get Paid To Site News - GPT Site Specific with No Comments »

Yes, during the month of September 2017 we will be accomplishing awesome new features and unveiling definite new possibilities on CoasterCash GPT!  We have already begun brave new modifications!

  • More unique offer, wall, and referral contests allowing even more members to compete and seriously win!  We also will be looking into adding multiple site jackpots at the same time rather than just one jackpot.

  • ShoutBox Vanity Upgrades – New features such as custom & unique shoutbox vanity upgrade features that will allow the site member to author their new personal shoutbox title, install a custom shoutbox image (can be animated too!), and your own font and font color!  These shoutbox upgrades will be priced at about $2, will allow you to use ‘internal funds’ as a payment option where you can direct the appropriate amount directly out of your balance here into your upgrade purchase, and will last forever into this site’s future!

  • In addition to the added site features above we will be improving the site in many more subtle ways thereby making CoasterCash feel just that lttle extra bit more towards a more comfortable feel to CoasterCash and making the site feel a bit more tweaked and dialed in to your preferences.

  • To increase site popularity many fold we have hired a co-admin that also just so happens to have heavy experience in very effective professional web site promotion!
As each new improvement comes online we’ll be notifying all members of the new possibilities.
Thank You So Much for Being a Valued CoasterCash GPT Member !
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FREE Points / Cash from GPT Promo Codes Posted DAILY if You Know Where to Look!

Saturday, September 17th, 2016 | Get paid To (GPT) Industry News !, Miscellaneous with No Comments »

A few of the more popular and stable Get Paid To (GPT) sites have started posting Promo Codes worth Points (or Cash through conversion) DAILY on Facebook!

Yes, these people are giving away free money just to have you stop by and discover the power of earning free PayPal cash online at their respective GPT sites.


Here are the Details on Each: is an already extremely popular site providing Instant Name Brand eGift Cards delivered electronically to all while also providing Instant PayPal cash with a low $1 minimum cash out to those who have earned at least $50 on instaGC.

New instaGC Members May Sign Up / Register for (the GPT site itself) for Free (always) by Clicking on the Banner Below:

instaGC Complete Tasks Earn Points Get a Gift Card Instantly

Then, when you’re already a member then don’t forget to visit and like the instaGC Official Facebook Page (click on the banner below) for Free Points from the Promo Codes they publish there regularly.

Important Note: It’s the act of ‘Like’-ing the page that hooks you up with notifications each time a new promo code is published:


CashRocket GPT is another already popular, stable, and long established paying Get Paid To site that has All the Offer Walls imaginable and will Pay You within 24 hours of withdrawing a minimum cash out of a buck ($1)

New CashRocket GPT Members May Sign Up / Register for (the GPT site itself) for Free (always) by Clicking on the Banner Below:


Then, when you’re already a CashRocket GPT site member then don’t forget to join the CashRocket GPT Official Facebook Group (click on the banner below) for Free Points from the Promo Codes they publish there regularly:CashRocket GPT Official Facebook Group

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Have You Yet Discovered the Relatively New ShiftCode Based Resources Out There? An Official Discussion Forum–An Affiliate Program Open for Free to the Public?

Thursday, March 17th, 2016 | Affiliate & Referral Programs, GPT Site Admin Specific, Miscellaneous, Recommendations with No Comments »

Yes, our friends at ShiftCode (the GPT site script people) have been hard at work further expanding their online resources not only to GPT site admins and staff but now extending to general public GPT members at large!

discfo_468 (1)

The Official ShiftCode Online Discussion Forum

If you have a favorite Get Paid To (GPT) site or two (or a few more) then feel free to visit this new forum resource and register for free!  We’d love to read your shared posts about the great GPTs you have in mind.  There is even a new Members Corner which contains General Discussion, Recommended GPT / PTC Sites, GPT / PTC Complaints, and Network Complaints sections!  Also, a reasonably up-to-date and complete Genuine ShiftCode Powered GPT Sites Master List is also featured there!

On the other hand, if you have progressed to the point in which you yourself would like to try your hand at owning your own lucrative genuine ShiftCode GPT site then there is information about script licensing and hosting located in the forum and in the actual ShiftCode Client Portal.

If instead you’re a blogger, webmaster, or other type of online promoter then you may be interested in the ShiftCode Affiliate Program where you’ll get paid handsomely by driving (or simply directing) potential new GPT site administrators to the ShiftCode Client Portal via your unique sales tracking affiliate link provided to you by ShiftCode.

ShiftCode & Performa Affiliate Program Recruiting Banner 468 x 60

Registration for the ShiftCode Affiliate Program is open to the public and you may register for a free account at the Client Portal and when you are done with the free registration then simply surf on over to the ‘Affiliates’ tab within the portal to get specifics.