Pocket Money GPT – They’re Having a Blast While Earning FREE PayPal Cash! The Way it Should Be!

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Pocket Money GPT is One of a Handful of Truly Fun Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Still Out There! It Seems That Every Time I Peek Into That Site to Check on My Referral Earnings They Appear to Be Having Such a Great Time in the Shoutbox That It Makes Me Want to Stick Around (and Sometimes I do!)  Could It Just Be That Making All That FREE Money Puts a Smile On Almost Anyone’s Face (I Know it Does Mine!)

PocketMoney GPT
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Ok, Getting Past Appearances, PocketMoney GPT is a Little Gold Mine of a GPT Site! You Join For Free, Earn for Free, Withdraw Your Earnings to PayPal (for Free), Get Your Prompt Payment, Lather, Rinse Repeat!  We’re Talking Free Paid Surveys and Offers Here! It’s All Just So Simple and You Get Rewarded Big Time Here at This GPT Site (When They Say ‘Highest Paid Surveys On Their Banners They Really Mean It!)


When You’re Registering with PocketMoneyGPT Then Tell Them That FreeCashPro Sent You!  I Hope to See You There! I’m Going Back Now for Another $20 (in Like Half-An-Hour!) That Means On Average I’m Making $40 an Hour Sitting Here at Home! PocketMoney GPT is an Excellent Choice in GPT Sites !

Best Free to Join and Earn Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Paying Daily Payments (24 Hours or Less) to PayPal (,etc.) with Only $1 to Reach (or Less) to Withdraw Your Earnings!

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Wow, that was a mouthful!  Yes, I’m speaking of all of those GPT sites that pay you your easily earned free paid survey and offer earnings in twenty-four hours or less.  All the sites I mention here are always totally FREE to join and come with an extensive history of being well established Get Paid To sites known to always pay on time.

In todays era of instant gratification then many of the best GPT sites paying daily tend to get overlooked by those seeking instant payments but I’d have you know that these daily paying GPTs with all of their benefits taken account of that they usually will offer you the best bang (in bucks) for your time!

Here is a List of Just Some of the Better Daily Paying GPT Sites I Know Of:


PocketMoney GPT – The High Paying Fast Payout Wonder of the GPT Industry!

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Why Play Pokémon Go When You Can
Stay Home & Earn at PocketMoney GPT!

Have You Discovered it Yet? If Not You Are Missing Out on a Unique & Special Get Paid To Site. Yes, PocketMoney GPT is a Long Established International Site That’s Always Totally FREE to Join, Earn, & Remain a Member!

15 (1)

PocketMoney GPT, since 2012, has been providing the masses easy ways to earn online.  It’s been one of the most well respected Get Paid To sites online in the industry.  On-time almost instant payments have never waivered throughout its lengthy lifespan.

The Totally On The Ball Admin ‘primgalz‘ (Tammy) is Helpful, Professional, Friendly & Knowledgeable (She Really Knows Her Sh*t) the Site Has a Low One-Dollar ($1) Minimum Withdrawal to Daily PayPal and I’ve Never Had to Wait for a Cash Out for More Than a Couple of Minutes Because the Admin is Almost Always Lurking & Takes Great Care to Make Sure Everyone is Paid Promptly (Almost Instantly Most Times!)

PocketMoney GPT now sports over 12,700 international members and has paid a whopping $91,033.32 USD at the time of this writing (Wow!)

Sign-Up, Complete Offers, Refer Friends (optionally), and Get Paid!

The site is more than the normal ‘working online’ drudgery.  There are always happy and helpful faces in the 24/7 ‘Shoutbox’ (chat box) and if you have any questions at all don’t be shy to ask – the site is a wonderful place for beginners to ‘learn the ropes’ (so to speak) while also having all the power user option and preferences to satisfy all comers.

This is Definitely a Newbie Friendly ‘Easy to Learn & Earn’ Site While Us Old Pros Are Thick In the Earning Element We Crave!

PocketMoney GPT is a Site Where You May Start to Feel Like Family as Their Shoutbox Chat is Usually Filled to the Brim with the In-Crowd of Friendly, Supportive, and Cooperative Members.

The Site Has a Unique Vibe that’s Hard to Find in Todays Online Money Making Environment. Yes We All Know That We’re There for the Money But Why Not Enjoy It By Having a Bit of Fun While We’re At It!

SURVEYS & OFFERS ! (Paying Rewards Most Generously High)

PocketMoney GPT is one of the most seriously generous Get Paid To sites on the market today – the paid survey and offer rate rewards stand unmatched for any site with so many ways to earn! As they say “Highest Paid Surveys” rings true here!

Displaying a Full Selection High Paying of In-House Offers !

Highest Paid Surveys & Offers

All the Offer Walls that Matter !
The Site Sports Almost 20 Offer Walls!

All the Best Offer Walls!


Yes, the Site Has All the Optional Features Enabled with Regular Jackpots, Promo Codes, and Contests!  The Site is Always Generous on the Offer Rates Given!  All of this Contest, Jackpot, Bonus, and Promo Code activity begs the question – How can she (the admin) do it ?  (keep the offers & surveys so generously high paying?) Now that’s a mystery but apparently she get’s it done (wink)

Please also note that to be especially fair then the admin routinely organizes special contests both for U.S. participants (who generally have the most offers available) and then an additional contest only to non-U.S. (International) participants!

Fill Out Surveys! Complete Offers! Win Contests! Optionally Refer Friends!


  • Daily Offer Bonus [Earn $5 Win $1] – (recurring daily resetting daily – midnight to midnight server time – win multiple within the time allotted) where Everyone Who Earns $5 Through Normal Site Survey / Offer Activity will Automatically WIN an Additional Buck ($1) Bonus!  Now THAT is a DEAL!
    [Details & Standings Can Be Checked in Real Time By Clicking on ‘Contests’ in the Top Site Menu]
    screnshot#2525 - 'POCKETMONEYGPT - Contests - Paid to Signup'
  • Daily Offer Bonus [Do 5 Offers of 20pts or More Win $0.25] – (recurring daily resetting daily – midnight to midnight server time – win multiple times within the time allotted) where Everyone Who Completes and Get’s Credited for Five (5) Single Surveys / Offers Worth at Least 20 points Each (or worth equivalent cash) Through Normal Site Activity will Automatically WIN an Additional Twenty-Five Cents Bonus Added to Their Account!
    [Details & Standings Can Be Checked in Real Time By Clicking on ‘Contests’ in the Top Site Menu]
    screnshot#2524 - 'POCKETMONEYGPT - Contests - Paid to Signup'
  • Regular Offer Completion Contests
    [Details & Standings Can Be Checked in Real Time By Clicking on ‘Contests’ in the Top Site Menu]
  • Regular Referral Contests
    [Details & Standings Can Be Checked in Real Time By Clicking on ‘Contests’ in the Top Site Menu]
  • Our Daily Jackpot Members are automatically awarded one (1) free entry into our Daily Jackpot draw for every 1 offer they complete.  The more offers you complete today, the more free Jackpot entries your will receive. The more entries the better your chance of winning :-)  The Daily Jackpot increases by 0.01 cent every time a member completes an offer. The more offers completed the higher the jackpot.
    [Details & Standings Can Be Checked in Real Time By Clicking on ‘Contests’ and then Daily Jackpot in the Top Site Menu]

Contest Times, Specifications, Prize Amounts, and Other Specific are Subject to Change at Any Time Based Upon Errors and Omissions, Obvious Fraud on the Part of Any Participating Member, Unforeseen Circumstances, & Depending Upon the level of Participation.  Void Where Prohibited By Law  No Purchase Necessary

REFERRAL PROGRAM (participation optional)

At, PocketMoney GPT there are other ways to earn cash by simply inviting and referring others. Although, referrals may seem complex, they’re rather simple. Referring users can earn you a large amount of cash. Your Referral links and banners are located under the ‘Referral Links & Banners’ selection off of the ‘Refer’ selection on the top menu. These are your own personal, referral links and banners.

Referral Information Menu Selection

On the ‘Referral Links & Banners’ page it will conveniently show you a selection of pre-prepared banner images that will advertise the site for you along with two types of code for your use in properly inserting the banner along with your own personal referral link into any web site page or into an online discussion forum post.

The code that is listed under the heading of ‘Code’ is the HTML code one uses to insert the banner and your tracking link onto pretty much any web site page.  The code that is marked ‘BBCode’ (stands for ‘Bulletin Board Code) underneath it is special code which is only used for inserting your banner and tracking link into an online discussion forum post (or ‘signature’ portion that is shown below each of your online discussion forum posts)

How does the referral system work?
Earn $0.3 every time a new referral completes their first offer!  Earn 10% (1st Level), 3% (2nd Level), 2% (3rd Level) life time commission from offers completed by your referrals!  [optionally with an inexpensive account upgrade then earn 20% (1st Level), 5% (2nd Level), 3% (3rd Level) life time commission from offers completed by your referrals!]

How do I get referrals?
There are many ways to get referrals online such as by advertising on related sites, posting on forums, commenting on blogs, starting your own blog or site, or through social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

A good idea would be to email your friends and family about the site and how you actually earn free cash from completing offers. Just make sure you include your referral link.  Many offline methods include handing out business cards, creating flyers to post, or by telling friends and family.


PocketMoney GPT is a BonaFide Genuine ShiftCode GPT!  Click Here to Proceed to the Official ShiftCode Online Discussion Forum

Highest Paid Surveys Banner

    • What is Pocket Money Gpt
      PocketMoney GPT is one of the newest and most exciting get paid to websites, dedicated to offering its members the best offers from the largest number of retailers and merchants.
    • How much will it cost me?
      Nothing!, it’s absolutely free to join!. You will never have to pay anything to Pocket Money Gpt – the money always goes in your direction.
    • Can anyone join Pocket Money Gpt?
      Yes providing your at least 13 years old.
    • How do I join PocketMoneyGPT?
      If you do not already have a PocketMoneyGPT account then follow the link marked Sign Up.
      Carefully enter your email address (its very important that you enter this correctly!).
      Complete the form asking for your details and choose a username and password.
      Review and confirm that you are happy with the terms and press submit.
    • Is my email address and personal data secure with you?
      Yes. We do not share, sell or rent your email address.
    • How do I log in to my account?
      Locate the ‘Login’ link (you will find this on the top menu of the site), enter your username and password and click the submit button.
      If you have problems logging in to your account:

      1.Please double check that your login details are correct.
      2.Use the login/password reminder feature.
      3.Finally, if problems continue please contact support for further help.
    • How exactly does this work?
      We work with several different companies and advertising networks to find offers for you to complete. When we find a company who wants to have our users try their product or service, we list it on our site. When a user completes their offer through our site, they report the completion to us and we credit your account.

      People often ask why some offers take hours or days to confirm for them, and the simple answer is that we rely on our advertisers to provide us with statistics about users who have completed their offers. Some offers credit almost instantly, but others take longer because the advertiser may give us updates only periodically. Once we receive this information from our advertisers, user accounts are updated automatically.
    • What else should I keep in mind when completing offers?
      Be sure you read the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any other relevant information on an advertiser’s site before you do an offer. While we try to give you a general idea of what an offer is and how much it costs, we can’t guarantee that our information is accurate or up-to-date. Be sure to check it for yourself first.
    • Can I have multiple accounts?
      No, only one account is allowed per person/household. Your friends and family members may join, but only if they do not live in the same household.
    • How do you issue payment?
      We currently issue payment by PayPal.   Points can be redeemed for items in our prize store including Amazon Gift Cards.
    • When do I get paid?
      Users who meet our minimum payout (only $1.00 (1 Dollar)!) have their payments processed daily.

If you’re curious about me (the article author) my real name is Wesley B. though online I’m more commonly known by the nickname FreeCashPro on Twitter and my many popular referral sites (HomeCash.org, MrGPT.com, FreeCashPro.com, etc.) and Maximus Promoteus on Facebook (click to look me up and befriend me) though on PocketMoney GPT they’ve bestowed upon me the special title of RefWhale along with my own special Shoutbox blue ref-whale animationcute-whale-waving-hello-smiley-emoticon (below to the right) due to amount of referrals I bring in to the site (900+ so far and counting) – Awww Thanks!

DONT READ THIS!  …and we couldn’t leave you in suspense by mentioning the word Promo Code without dropping one right in your lap right here right now!  For those active members who took the time and inclination to read this far down in our PocketMoney GPT write up then here is a limited (but more than adequate) number of uses promo code in red (note the capitalization and lack of spaces): PokemonNO 

This Site is a BonaFide Genuine ShiftCode GPT !  Accept No Imitations!

Starting your own GPT site? Choose the most reliable and automated script in the industry!  ShiftCode!

My Most Liked & Recommended GPT Sites !

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Great Long Established INTL GPT with a $1 Minimum INSTANT Cash Out to PayPal Per Day and Also Multiple Promptly Paid Manual PayPal Withdrawals Throughout the Day as Needed After That!  

RewardingWays Has ALL the Offer Walls that Count and There’s Always Something to Do Such as Regular Perpetual Contests, etc..  The GPT Site is Pretty Much My Most Attractive ‘Easy Sell’ to My Currently Over 600 Referrals!  Always Entirely FREE to Join, Earn, and Remain a Member!

Genuine ShiftCode Based GPT Site
(so it’s Intuitive for Newbies, Powerful for GPT
Veterans, & Safe, Secure, & FAIR  for All)

A Single Explosively Popular Get Paid To (GPT) Site Running Under an Awesome Proprietary Script Which You are Bound to Instantly Fall in Love with as I had. instaGC Has a Cult Like Following of Happy and Well Paid Members.

Initially as a New Member You Will Likely Be Offered the Brand Name Electronic Gift Cards Sent Instantly Upon Request but Eventually (I not Sure How Long it Actually Takes But it;s Rumored to Be 60 Days) You Will Start Seeing the Instant Unlimited $1 Minimum INSTANT PayPal Option! Yes, as Mentioned You’ll Be Able to Cash Out to PayPal as Many Times a Day as You Have the Funds To (Reaching a Buck on this Site is Really Easy!)

The Site Includes All the Traditional Offer Walls Plus a Bunch You Probably Haven’t Encountered Yet! There are Always Plenty of Regular Contests Running at All Times While FREE Money Promo Codes are Given Out All Day and Night in the ShoutBox! Don’t Miss Looking Up and Contributing Your Fractions of a Penny Spare Change to Their ‘Decimal Pot’ Towards a Weekly Drawing of Winner Takes All!

Even All the Great Things I’ve Mentioned Above Don’t Do this Unique and Totally Awesome MUST JOIN (Free of Course) of a GPT Site!  You Have Nothing to Lose and Plenty of Earning Opportunities to Gain by Joining instaGC!

CenterOfPrizes GPT