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We are a ( Get Paid To) GPT Site that pays daily via PayPal after you are a member for at least 4 days & you reach the min. of $1=100 points. People from all countries are welcome. Also, earn from referring new members. You will earn 5% of their earnings and 5% of their purchases. Check us out at http://peoplesgpt.com.

Ways To Earn

  • Completing Site Offers/Offer Walls. These types of offers with the exception of a few Offer Walls are Paid To Signup (PTS) offers. Typically this is lead based.
  • Completing Paid To Click (PTC)/Cost Per Click (CPC)/Daily Click offers. This involves clicking on the banners/links and then waiting for the timer to count down & verifying this is not by proxy by choosing correct picture shown. It is easy and guaranteed to get credit but it is usually a lot less than PTS offers & offers there are from members who paid for the traffic via PayPal or internal funds.
  • We have a daily jackpot which is attached to all offers except for CPCs/Daily Clicks. Completed those offers that have a jackpot entries and you are automatically entered into the daily jackpot. The amount of points you get is determined by entry amount. Each entrance is worth $0.01=1 Point. Every offer worth $0.50 = 50 points will have an extra entree & for each $0.50 = 50 points will give another entree. The system will automatically choose a winner of the jackpot. Although the more entries the higher chance of winning, it is not guaranteed.
  • Promotional Codes are given out via E-mail & inbox on our site. You would have had to complete an offer that has a jackpot entrance with it & must have been done within 24 hours from the time you redeem them. They also have a limit amount of members who can redeem & expire at some point if not used fully. Usually, it is just a little extra incentive that pays in points/cash and adds a little bonus to your account.
  • You can earn a steady stream of money to cash out if you are able to refer active members using your referral link & promotional Banners we have within your account. You can also refer new members via email by filling out the form in your account with their name & email address.
  • Last, by not Least, you can participate in the Offer Contest by completing them most offers or within the top 3 & Referral Contest by referring the most or be within the top three referrers. The stats are updated in real-time & you can see the amount of money/points given for each prize level. Both contests are the same on a monthly basis from midnight EST on the 1st of each month & ends the last day of each month at 11:59 PM EST.

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Peoples GPT

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By: William Clements

Have You Yet Discovered the Relatively New ShiftCode Based Resources Out There? An Official Discussion Forum–An Affiliate Program Open for Free to the Public?

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Yes, our friends at ShiftCode (the GPT site script people) have been hard at work further expanding their online resources not only to GPT site admins and staff but now extending to general public GPT members at large!

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The Official ShiftCode Online Discussion Forum

If you have a favorite Get Paid To (GPT) site or two (or a few more) then feel free to visit this new forum resource and register for free!  We’d love to read your shared posts about the great GPTs you have in mind.  There is even a new Members Corner which contains General Discussion, Recommended GPT / PTC Sites, GPT / PTC Complaints, and Network Complaints sections!  Also, a reasonably up-to-date and complete Genuine ShiftCode Powered GPT Sites Master List is also featured there!

On the other hand, if you have progressed to the point in which you yourself would like to try your hand at owning your own lucrative genuine ShiftCode GPT site then there is information about script licensing and hosting located in the forum and in the actual ShiftCode Client Portal.

If instead you’re a blogger, webmaster, or other type of online promoter then you may be interested in the ShiftCode Affiliate Program where you’ll get paid handsomely by driving (or simply directing) potential new GPT site administrators to the ShiftCode Client Portal via your unique sales tracking affiliate link provided to you by ShiftCode.

ShiftCode & Performa Affiliate Program Recruiting Banner 468 x 60

Registration for the ShiftCode Affiliate Program is open to the public and you may register for a free account at the Client Portal and when you are done with the free registration then simply surf on over to the ‘Affiliates’ tab within the portal to get specifics.

Join the Lucrative ShiftCode GPT Site Script and Performa Affiliate Network Site Script Affiliate Program for Free !

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The ShiftCode/Performa Affiliate Program is a performance based affiliate / referral program that rewards affiliates for sales their traffic triggers through their Unique Referral Link. The affiliate program is available to existing clients of ShiftCode and/or Performa though it is also open to persons who already have an account or create an account by registering for a free account at the Client Portal !

The ShiftCode / Performa Affiliate Program is a performance based affiliate / referral program that rewards affiliates for sales their traffic triggers through their Unique Referral Link.

The affiliate program is available to existing clients of ShiftCode and/or Performa though it is also open to persons who already have an account or create an account by registering for a free account at the Alisa Holdings Client Portal (ShiftCode & Performa are a division of Alisa Holdings, Inc.)

You will be able to request a withdrawal as soon as your balance reaches the minimum required amount of $25.00 USD.

– More Detailed Textual Information Here –

Register for a FREE Account Here
and Then Click on ‘Affiliates’

Make Money Referring New GPT Site Admins to ShiftCode (GPT Site Affiliate Program!)

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Become Part of the Lucrative ShiftCode GPT Site Script & Performa Network Affiliate Network Script Affiliate Program ! Get Rewarded Cash for Referring Prospective New Genuine ShiftCode Get Paid To (GPT) Site Administrators to ShiftCode! (…and New Performa Network Admins !)

Registering for the Affiliate Program is Simple and Free and You Don’t Have to Already Be a ShiftCode Client ! Simply Go to www.ShiftCode.org – Click on Account and Then Register.

Then Simply Choose ‘Affiliates’ from the Top Navigation Menu to Get Your Unique Referral Link ! Then Off You Go Promoting the Licensing of ShiftCode / Performa Script Products ! It’s a Totally International Effort.

If you would like more information there is now a knowledgebase article covering the Affiliate Program Basics here: http://www.alisaholdings.com/billing/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=23

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Get Paid To (GPT) and Affiliate Network Related Services I Always Highly Recommend

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Yes, when one has been in the business for a decade or more then certain products, services, and people tend to grow on you (wink)  NOT that these recommendations are in any way biased only in working with them and noticing the brilliance and grace that go into such things is just a fact.

– The ShiftCode PTS (paid-to-signup) / GPT (get-paid-to) site script !  Build your very own extremely lucrative GPT site simply and reasonably priced at ShiftCode.ShiftCode products have been proven and tested for stability, quality and a user-friendly environment. With thousands of clients any problems are reported instantly which gives you a smooth running GPT script!

– If you’re into going one more rung up the ladder then consider building a fully ShiftCode GPT site integrated affiliate network with Performa Networks!Performa Affiliate Networks by ShiftCode !

– While you’re at it then with both of the above products you’ll want to protect them from fraud with fully integrated ProxStop proxy server detection and rejection services (always reasonably priced – mere pennies)

– If you would like to shoot for the sky as far as a professional grade power-admin network is concerned (and you’re exploring all verticals not just the GPT or ‘incentive’ verticals) then I highly recommend looking into building your own AffTrack based affiliate network!AffTrack