Looking for Reliable Get Paid To Sites Paying INSTANT PayPal and INSTANT Gift Cards? Fasten Your Seat Belt & Say Hello to Your New Favorite GPT Sites!

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Yes, in todays fast paced online earning environment sometimes it just comes down to how fast your hard earned money can be placed in your own grubby hands!  …and Yes, there are other considerations like reliability, a reasonable minimum cash out figure, and what percentage of profit you’re getting rewarded with for offer completions at a particular Get Paid To site but again we’re happy to report that the GPT sites we recommend below all also score high in these departments as well!

All the International Sites Listed Below Do Indeed Offer INSTANT PayPal (One Dollar ($1) Minimum Cash Out) for Withdrawals and are Very Generous with Offer Payout Reward Levels (in a Higher Echelon Reward Percentage Amount)


instaGC International GPT (Below) is Also Totally FREE to Join and Earn Till Your Heart’s Content!

instaGC International GPT site offers INSTANT Name Brand eGift Cards Delivered electronically INSTANTLY – Even for eGift Cards Worth as Little as One Dollar ($1)!  These eGift Cards are Redeemable Without Hassle Online or In The Store!  instaGC Also Offers INSTANT PayPal with One Dollar ($1) Minimum Cash Out for Those instaGC Site Members in Good Standing That Have Previously Earned at Least Fifty Dollars ($50) on instaGC!

Without Further Adieu Allow Me to Introduce You to What Will Likely Become Your New Favorite Earn Online Reward Sites!

GPT Site Thumbnail Image

www. SuperPAY .me
GPT Site Thumbnail Imagewww. RewardingWays .com

GPT Site Thumbnail Image▪ www. OfferNation .com
GPT Site Thumbnail Image www. instaGC .com

Each site in each site group features ‘all of the offer walls that count’ while they also have a very well stocked and a rather large up-to-date collection of in-house on-site listed offers.  Way below (at the end of the post) is the list of the offer walls featured on the sites at the time of this report though be aware that they are constantly busting out walls (so to speak) and improving options continuously and they add new offer walls as they become available!

SuperPAY.me , RewardingWays , OfferNation , and instaGC are all international GPT site heavyweights that are always entirely free to join and earn (they’ll never ask you for a dime!)  SuperPAY.me , RewardingWays , and OfferNation   are part of the 99 Ventures Ltd clan of  popular no-nonsense Get Paid To sites with an admin and staff that are truly on-the-ball. instaGC is part of Day Online Solutions, LLC which has and continues to be a unique and positive force in both the affiliate network and Get Paid To site industries.

Discover This Rocking Group of GPT Sites and Go Get Your $3 for Posting Payment Proof ($1 Each)

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In Case You Aren’t Already Aware of It – Know That the Group of Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Including the Following All (Each) Have a Internet Forum Payment Proof Offer That’s Paying a Whole Buck!

That’s Right, a Whole Dollar for Simply Starting a New Forum Thread and Posting Payment Proof!

RewardingWays GPT

SuperPay.me GPT

Offer Nation GPT

Now Stop Screwing Around Reading Posts on Facebook and Go Get Your $3 Now ! 🙂

Yes, These GPTs ROCK With Instant PayPal and a $1 Minimum!