For the past decade I’ve been concentrating on gaining referrals in bulk for the plethora of Get Paid To (GPT) sites out there nowadays.
This has driven my referrals strategy of presenting the web site audience with his / her choice of GPT sites presented in one of two ways:

  • a long master list of all the established legitimate GPT sites I know of; or
  • a shorter list of ten or twelve of the GPTs I prefer to frequent while providing short and concise description of each.

    For this and upcoming posts I’ll be introducing a third type of list listing only those five or six GPT sites that:

  • I prefer to visit when I have intentions of ‘doing offers’; and
  • I prefer to promote with greater exposure knowing that gaining referrals at these sites is weighted in my favor.

    Pick the Right GPT Site for Your Activities !

    The GPT Site Admin’s Financial Balancing Act

    For the typical GPT site admin wrestling to come up with a winning balance between what the GPT site itself gets paid from the various offer sources, what percentage of that will be awarded (or rewarded) to the offer completing member? …and what of all other site monetary overhead costs such as the site referral bonus (a percentage), site contests & jackpots, site advertising & promotion, fixed costs such as web site hosting, member verification and fraud detection systems, paying site staff members, etc. 

    The above calculation process comes down to whether or not the GPT site will be profitable (most of the margins a GPT site admin sees are rather thin)  If the site admin doesn’t do the math and balancing act correctly to a tee in the first place – the admin may be faced with actually paying out of pocket to keep the GPT running (rather than enjoying a healthy profit as one may think is simply automatic while running a GPT site)  I could go deeper into the various financial pitfalls of running a site but I’d best stop here to stick to the point of this post.

    TIP: Choose Your Site Wisely to Identify those GPT sites where the math dictates what earning opportunity it is best suited for (or weighted towards) – ‘doing offers’ versus promoting your referral link towards gaining  referrals.

    What the GPT site is named sometimes will hint at the intent the GPT site admin is leaning towards – one side of the monetary balancing act or the other.  For example (an actual real and popular site) pays the most to the member per very same (identical) offer completion than any other GPT sites out there that I know of.  Yes, that’s a great site for spending all your time actually completing surveys and offers but if you heavily into promoting Get Paid To sites via your referral link in pursuit of a great referral bonus then the weak 5% level one tier

    TIP: Apply for a PayPal Debit Card!  First I should mention that I’m a proud PayPal Debit Card carrying GPT site member.  The PayPal debit card is really convenient and a must have in my opinion for anyone serious about earning cash online simply. I can cash out to instant PayPal and the debit card allows me to spend the money earned immediately acting as a fully fledged debit / credit card online, for paying for local store purchase, and even taking out cash at local ATMs!  Simply apply for a PayPal Debit MasterCard on PayPal’s site.  When you finally receive your card and after a few transactions then you’ll start wondering how you got along without it!

    Favorite ULTRA HIGH PAYOUT Get Paid To Site for Doing OffersHighestPayGPT - Truly the Highest Paying GPT Site I Know Of Currently!

    HighestPayGPT is truly an amazing place to complete offers and surveys!  In addition to the highest paying offers around then the site offers INSTANT PayPal with only a Two-Dollar ($2) minimum to earn until you may withdraw your earnings and get paid (all together now) INSTANTLY!
    HighestPayGPT is a Genuine ShiftCode GPT Site so your information is safe and you can rest assured that you’ll have a familiar fun lucrative and consistent time without having to worry about the site’s legitimacy (ShiftCode is a Truly Commercial Grade GPT Site Script!)
    Typically it’s a tradition at HighestPayGPT for the members to cooperate with each other in the shoutbox and look to the ‘Last 10 Credited’ offers list for hints on what offers to do next!

    Favorite BALANCED Get Paid To Site for Doing Offers & ReferralsDigital gift cards received instantly

    Digital Gift Cards & PayPal Cash Received Instantly!  Join our fast growing community and receive free gift cards instantly for your online activities.
    Earn points for things you already do online! Redeem your points for gift cards!  Choose from 300+ gift cards!  ✔ Digitally delivered ✔ No wait ✔ Use in store or online ✔ Send to a friend 681,100+ gift cards redeemed! Get free gift cards by completing tasks, surveys, videos, plus more. Over 680,700+ gift cards redeemed. Free to join!
    instaGC is based on an excellent intuitive proprietary script which has all the bells and whistles.  Offers do credit extremely well here and the payout per identical offers elsewhere is pretty decent! instaGC has ALL the Offer Walls!  Never a boring time here!

    Favorite BALANCED Get Paid To Site for Doing Offers & - Helping you Make Money Online with Free Paid Surveys and Offers. Find new Paid Surveys available every day and get paid for each survey you complete. – Helping you Make Money Online with Free Paid Surveys and Offers. Find new Paid Surveys available every day and get paid for each survey you complete

    RewardingWays Offers Great Balanced Offer Rates that are Upper Echelon while still having an awesome referral reward of “RewardingWays offers a very generous referral program which is free to use!  You earn 25% of everything your referrals earn for life, so for every $10 your referrals earn, you earn an $2.50.! The More your referrals earn, the more you earn. Sending people you know will complete offers at RewardingWays is the key to earning big.”

    Other Notable Favorite GPT Sites


    Earn Doing - Helping You Earn More

    Choosing my favorite GPTs sites for ‘doing offers’ involves thinking about which sites tend to offer me (the site member) the best overall rate for the identical offer on more mundane (or some may say ‘greedy’) GPT sites.

    These offer rates and percentages tend vary widely from GPT site to GPT site.  Typically an offer completing GPT site member can hope to receive somewhere between 40% and 60% of what the GPT site receives for the member’s offer completion.  Though on HighestPayGPT type sites then one can hope for much more in the range of 65% to 80% of what the ‘house’ (GPT site) receives!
    There are also other factors involved such as the where (what advertisers and affiliate networks) the GPT site is getting their offers from and how high up on the ‘ladder’ (or closer to the source advertiser) that affiliate network is.
    Typically there are so many middle-man affiliate networks each taking their own ‘cut’ percentages out of the offers that once seen by the offer completing GPT site member an offer may have been reduced to 10% or less what the original source advertiser has given to the first network on the list.  It’s not at all unusual to see an offer worth $10 per completion (or ‘conversion’) may only yield a buck or less for the GPT site member.

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