Yes, there is indeed a secret Get Paid To (GPT) site out there that pays you much more than all the others for your survey and offer completions.  This particular site is long established and not only does it pay you the best but it also offers instant PayPal!

So, WHY would anyone not bother to tell you about this well kept secret site if it’s so great?  Why hasn’t anyone ever mentioned this site?  …simple, while most other GPT sites will pay a referral commission at or above 10% this site only pays 5% (though the site has a very good reason for paying so low for people to refer new members to the site)

The simple fact is that this GPT site is AWESOME if you enjoy responding to free paid surveys and offers but from a referral perspective the low 5% referral commission makes the site much less attractive to promote.

Ok, well it’s not really a ‘secret’ but it is indeed a site that doesn’t tend to get the promotion that it rightly deserves.

Running a GPT site is a delicate balancing act between competing goals.  If you’re truly paying your GPT site members the best for survey and offer completions of any other known GPT site still in business then there’s not much money left in your budget for other areas of the site such as contests, site promotion, and paying for referrals.

Without Further Delay Here’s the Site (the name says it all):

HighestPayGPT is a free to join, best, highest paying GPT program that offer highest rewards for completing free offers, paid surveys, and free trial offers.  You can cashout by instant paypal, check, or gift cards!

I’m not about playing games.  I’d rather my site (MrGPT) be known as a great information resource than a site that would hold back information from you simply because I won’t make as much than if I’d promote a lesser site (wink)

There You Go…  Now You Know…  Enjoy!

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